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    post your question - i'll answer

    Hey - I've got about an hour and can try to answer some questions to the best of my knowledge. It may take me a minute or two to answer but feel free to post and I'll drop a reply with my 2 cents. Also be specific with your quetsion: ie. type of league (H2H, Roto, Keeper), how many gms, cats, etc...

    and GO!

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    • courtney lee or beno udrih??

    • should i do this trade
      rose/beasly for pierce/okafor

    • 18 player h2h league with stats Field Goal Percentage (FG%), Free Throw Percentage (FT%), 3-point Shots Made (3PTM), Points Scored (PTS), Total Rebounds (REB), Assists (AST), Steals (ST), Blocked Shots (BLK), Assist/Turnover Ratio (A/T)

      The other guy is offering me elton brand and augustin for my jamison. I know that deal isn't good, but if I counter who should I try to get from his team?

      My team:

      Stephen Curry
      Emeka Okafor
      Ron Artest
      Lamar Odom
      Dwight Howard
      Brendan Haywood
      Mo Williams
      Antawn Jamison
      Kevin Love
      Ty Lawson
      Arron Afflalo

      His team

      Rajon Rondo
      SG D.J. Augustin
      SF Rashard Lewis
      PF Elton Brand
      C Spencer Hawes
      Util Channing Frye
      BN Chris Douglas-Roberts
      BN O.J. Mayo
      BN Danny Granger
      BN Tracy McGrady
      BN T.J. Ford

    • Should I drop Tony Parker for Crawford? My team is in need of points and Crawford seems off to a great start. Think TP's production will go down? George Hill and Roger Mason seem to be sharing more minutes with Parker.

      - H2H league
      - 12 players
      - 9 man team
      - Standard 9 categories

    • Who do I drop for Barbosa? if any of them?

      10 team, points league.

      my team:
      Russell Westbrook
      Grant Hill
      Andre Iguodala
      Danilo Gallinari
      David Lee
      Jason Richardson
      Andrew Bogut
      Brendan Haywood
      Kevin Durant
      Baron Davis
      Roy Hibbert
      Brook Lopez
      Brandon Jennings

      I think Grant Hill is averaging the least number of total points, but I'm not sure how long danilo is going to last.

    • I'm playing in H2H 12-team league. Randomized draft order had me pick 11th out of 12 in Round 1 (for some reason I ALWAYS get stuck with last/second last pick), My lineup is:

      Louis Williams
      Eric Gordon
      Grant Hill
      Ronnie Brewer
      Kevin Martin
      Jason Terry
      JR Smith
      Troy Murphy
      DJ Augustin

      As you can see my lineup is horrific. Too many guards, too many injuries.

      1) What should I do about Murphy and Bynum (both currently injured)?
      2) What is my best option for Kevin Martin?
      3) Which guards should I get rid of / trade? I'm thinking Augustin, Brewer, or Smith.
      4) I have no idea what categories I'll likely win week in week out I'm so confused ... please help!

    • I have Anthony Randolph and Roy Hibbert they are both doin well but Charlie Villanueva just came up in the FA.. any advice??

      H2H league

    • Ok so I need a PG and I have been offered 2 trades in my league

      This is my team:

      Jason Kidd
      Kobe Bryant
      Chris Douglas-Roberts
      Andre Iguodala
      Jeff Green
      Rudy Gay
      Al Jefferson
      Elton Brand
      Hedo Turkoglu
      Larry Hughes
      Shawn Marion
      Kevin Garnett
      Zach Randolph

      I was proposed the following trades...

      Mo Williams for Jeff Green.
      Chauncey Billups for Rudy Gay.

      What should I do?

      h2h. 8 players. 6 games back

    • H2H, 10 Teams

      Should i Trade Pau G and Monta Ellis for Kobe???

      My Team:
      Eric Gordan
      Larry Hughes
      Josh Smith
      Jeff Green
      Josh Howard
      Shane Battier
      Zach Randolph
      Brook Lopez
      Brendan Haywood
      Monta Ellis
      Pau Gasol
      Micheal Redd
      Roy Hibbert

    • Looking to move dwight howard. He was my 1st Rd (9th ovr) pick.

      10 Team Roto league. he is going to kill my ft% all year and i heard his should is aching, prob nothing but I want to move him.

      Looking for suggestions on who would be the best overall trade for him. thank you

      Pretty standard league, without TOs.

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