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  • intro intro Nov 5, 2009 7:37 PM Flag

    post your question - i'll answer

    I prefer Nate. He is in a similar situation as last year. Last year I think finished a top 50 Roto player which is impressive and he is in contract year (like last). Nothing has changed in NY's back court so no reason he shouldn't be able to perform similar to last year. I like Josh Howard but his injury woes have driven me away from him and the Mavs just got stacked over the summer. I'd take Nate.

    T. Will is a GREAT pick up right now especially with CDR missing a few games, Devin H., Yi, etc...all also missing time. The opportunity is all there for T. Will its just a matter of, if Frank will give him the minutes he deserves! Regardless, I think its a great idea to grab him for the now-injured Mike Miller. Good luck!

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    • okay...thanks for the advice, man!
      you did great...

      um... may i ask you another?
      i've proposed this trade...
      I give Hawes and Gomes
      I get Murphy
      any chance that trade will get through?

      here is my team...12teams H2H
      G: Nash, Westbrook, Evans, Rose
      F: J.Smith, Tyrus Thomas, Gomes, Gallinari, T.Willliams, S.Jackson
      C: Nene, M.Gasol, Hawes
      *i just traded GWallace away with Nene+Rose

      thanks again!

      • 1 Reply to Maxim Tsigalko
      • its a fair trade offer. Some of it depends on how you pitch it. Talk about Murphy's injury history and how last year's numbers were the ceiling of what he can do plus guys emerging like Hibbert and Foster (when he gets back) will eat into his minutes and production. And also sell the fact that Hawes is back officially as a starter and the team will loose K Mart (hairline / hand issue) for some time and more will be dependent on Hawes for scoring and leading the team. Plus he is starting C and not challenged by much for minutes. Just hope Gomes has a few good games too around this time to help boost the trade offer.

        On a side note maybe consider trading Nene for Bargnani. I did that in my league this year before the season started and man am I happy to have Bargnanin on my team. I watch this guy playe and he is incredibly talented for a big man. His owner might not realize or apprecaite his true value/worth and might be more interested in Nene's value (especially in steals and super high FG%). I might consider offering Nene for Bargnani if you have a chance at getting Bargs!


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