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  • df df Nov 5, 2009 7:11 PM Flag

    post your question - i'll answer

    I've been called an idiot many times by people in my life...

    Should I drop Frye for any of these guys on my wire? I need a SG. Or just sit tight?

    Rip Hamilton
    C. Lee
    Quentin Richardson
    Ronnie Brewer

    Would you drop any of my guys for any player on the wire?

    Here's my team: no turnovers. no ft%. no fg%. 12 team h2h league.

    W. Chandler
    J. Thompson
    A. Randolph

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    • Lol your not an idiot. This is a fair question! I wouldn't drop Frye just yet. He is rolling so keep him going until his minutes start to decline. Did you see how many 3s he's been hitting and even attempting (his coach went on record to say that he should attempt even more if he could). Frye looks rejuvenated and very happy to be on the Suns team playing their system. I would hold on to him for now as you need the Bigs as well. If I were to drop anyone it would be Gallinari. If you desperately need a SG then I like Rip, C. Lee, CDR in that order. If the Howard on your team is Josh Howard then I might even consider dropping him. He won't be back for another week or two and who knows how reliable he can be on a stacked Mavs team. Someone like Courtney Lee on the other hand is getting close to 40 MPG (check his game log) so he'll come around soon or later I see him averaging 14/3/4 for the season respectively with 1+ threes. He would make a good candidate for your team especially since the league doesn't count %s!! Other then that see how Rip returns from his injury in a few games and if he has 1 decent game in his return I might target him as he was a monster starting this season. But yeh in the end see how Frye does with his name game or two before dropping him (he played against ORL last game so its tough to put up good stats against their monster). For now I would sit still though with what you have.


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