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  • Chris L Chris L Oct 28, 2009 3:40 PM Flag

    Good draft strategy

    I like the previous guys strategy but i have a different method.

    1st round - take the best available C or PG and if h2h howard is the best C take him over anyone else past the 5th spot.

    2rnd- If you got the best C in the 1st get the best PG that is left or if you took a PG in the 1st then take the top C in the 2nd. (Ex. Howard and Deron Williams)

    3rd & 4rd - Take another top PG/C in either order but take the best of the 2 first obviously. I tend to avoid Fowards until the 4th or 5th round because there are plenty deep in the draft.

    After this you simply draft to your strengths. Make sure you have a 3rd G that solidifies your assists and a 3rd C who holds down your blocks and boards. Usually with this strategy you you dont punt anything off the bat but gradually figure your weaknesses and draft around them for the final rounds. I end up a little short on pts and punting FT%, and T/Os with this strategy but i dominate or am at least competitive in everything else. Late rounds are prime to get quality steals so i usually look for that in the last couple of rounds as well


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