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  • Ron Ron Oct 24, 2009 3:51 PM Flag

    Rate my SQUAD

    Rate my squad (1 - Crap, 10 - Best)

    Tony Parker
    Stephen Jackson
    Devin Harris
    Rashard Lewis
    Amar'e Stoudemire
    Ron Artest
    Dwight Howard
    Ben Gordon
    Richard Jefferson
    Zach Randolph
    Stephen Curry

    What stat(s) would I be hurting/best at most in the "Score Summary" area during Matchups? Need your opinion...

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    • hope you get to see this dude

    • I selected 6th to start the draft. Durant fell to me at 6th so I figured I was getting good %s, 3s, steals, rebounds, points. Amare then fell to me since this is a PG premium league. Adding Amare greatly boosted both %s while giving me a foundation for my Centers and of course he scores in bunches. Next I took Joe Johnson for his 3s and offset his 43% shooting by having such a high surplus to begin with. JJ also helped me in steals and made my Ft% for my team 84%. Next came David West, who helps both my %s again while giving me good points and rebounds.

      By this time it was fairly clear the strength of my team was going to be to try to outscore everyone and do it at an amazing %s so I went Monta with his career 48 Fg% which is great for a point guard. With his ft% in my team had an average of over 85% Biedrins fit in then as his low FT attempts per game didn't ruin my surplus there, his hi FG% further bolstered me there all while getting a steal and a block and a half per game.

      Westbrook I took next because I still wanted to be able to compete in PG numbers if I would be able to simply play PGs with my versatility with Joe Johnson and Monta having multipositions. Westbrook keeps my Ft% high, gets his needed steal per game and keeps his assist and rebound numbers ok.

      At this point I'm not getting 3s from outside JJ and Durant, so I take Hawes to get his half a three per game while solidifying my front line. Hawes is another not great Ft%, but his impact is so little on this team of good shooters in that regard cause he's an outside player.

      So having a big men group of Amare, West, Biedrins, Hawes I spend my next two picks strengthening my Fg%, Rebounds, blocks and steals by taking Diaw and then Ty Thomas. Diaw does Hawes one better and hits a full 3 a game while giving me good assist totals from a power forward. Thomas hits 78% from the stripe which hurts my total but is great for his position.

      So first I set myself up with the scoring load by maintaining great %s, and then I made sure my rebounding and block numbers were in order. Wanting to be competitive in assists I spend two of my next three picks on TJ and Brooks because I have the lineup flexibility to play 5 PGs at one time. If any of the guys who spent first round picks on top PGs didn't bolster their depth enough I basically have them caught. The pick inbetween I spent on Noah for his lock, Fg%, low Ft% and the opportunity to start Noah and Ty Thomas together and just take their combined defensive stats.

      Anthony Randolph I lucked in to because someone cut him out of fear of nellie/his back and I got him on waivers. but again, I went for high Fg%, low FT attempts with good blocks and decent steals.

      Basically once I had Durant and Joe Johnson I stopped letting myself be seduced by wing players and looked for guys who would help my team be both bigger than everyone else and all that entails and still have the capability to get pure assist totals due to value in the later rounds. As a result I have a team with great FG and FT%s (which i monitered the entire time) which can hold its own in 3s and assists while beating everyone else in blocks, steals, rebounds and has a very good chance at points as well.

    • Guys, I really do appreciate the honesty despite the harsh feedbacks. We are all entitled to our own opinions....Thanks again.

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      • i would rate your team somewhere in the middle.. but that is the wrong question.. you need to make changes to your team.. forget the rating for now//
        try and trade those players i mentioned earlier if you can and look out for players that will help you in the stats you need

        you will be fine.. keep visiting the boards and get advice.. you'll pick up soon enough.. good luck with the season//

    • its all right not the best

    • are u in a h2h league?
      if you are first thing is to get of sjax.. he throws up a lot of prayers and there will be days he shoots well below .400 and that will sort of cancel out dwight and amare's superior fg%.. you can afford to lost sjax's long balls.. i would try and move randolph as well//
      rashad lewis might be another player to look at.. his plus points are 3 balls and ft%.. but with dwight attempting so many fts in a game, you are never really going to win that stat.. put those 3 players up for trades and see what you get..

    • Ok so I'm assuming you built this team with the strategy you mentioned earlier...how does this team support that strategy of yours? I'm trying to understand your strategy and I don't see it in this team of yours. Enlighten me please...

    • 10 team league by the way, 4 bench spots rest start

    • 2

      You have two good pieces to every single category, but then you screw it all up by never having the third piece to put you over the top in anything. You screwed up by getting Lazy for Centers after Dwight Amare, you don't have enough assists to justify Parker/Harris. Your relying on Rashard Lewis, Stephen Jackson and Ben gordon for 3s, you don't block or get steals particularly well, Jax is a FG% killer, why bring down your great dwight + amare %? And your ft% can't recover.

      You drafted a perfectly good "look I know nba players!" team without showing any capability to understand what it is those players do and how that impacts fantasy basketball. The only reason you aren't a one is because hey, at least you got some players on your team.


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