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  • Myk Myk Oct 3, 2009 1:09 AM Flag

    Take a look at my team

    I'm just starting to learn the X's and O's of Fantasy Basketball.
    How do you find my team?
    Give me tips on how to improve my Fantasy Basketball 101.


    1. Dirk Nowitzki (Dal - PF)
    2. Jason Kidd (Dal - PG)
    3. Stephen Jackson (GS - SG,SF)
    4. Josh Smith (Atl - SF,PF)
    5. Marcus Camby (LAC - PF,C)
    6. Leandro Barbosa (Pho - PG,SG)
    7. Chris Kaman (LAC - C)
    8. Allen Iverson (Mem - PG,SG)
    9. Richard Hamilton (Det - SG,SF)
    10. Hakim Warrick (Mil - SF,PF)
    11. Rudy Fernandez (Por - PG,SG)
    12. Anderson Varejao (Cle - PF,C)
    13. Hasheem Thabeet (Mem - C)

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    • this actually kinda looks like my team myfirst 4 picks were 1 danny granger 2 josh smith 3 jkidd 4 s jackson lol also 14 h2h but you can easily trade 4 a good team or drop tabeet and varejao 4 some sleeps like b rush darko gallinari julian wright hibbert etc

    • Myk...you may not believe me, but I find this as an excellent team.

      First, there are alot of ways to win, and I think you're onto one here. Yeah, you might make some changes, but overall this team is VERY good.

      Second, I don't pay any attention to mainstream thinking when it comes to winning fantasy leagues. The important thing is to get into a good rhythm and stay there...just like an NBA player.

      Third, you are in a 14 team league. There's a big difference between 12 and 14 team leagues, just as there is between 14 and 16 team leagues, 16 and 18, and 18 and 20. This team is good in a 14 team league.

      Fourth, no team is strong enough to win every category in the overall sense. No matter how good your team is, you will struggle in some areas. You have some weak points, but so does every team. The bottom line is winning categories every week, and you have the potential to do that with this team.

      Fifth, in order to win, you have to take chances. You must be able to find the players that are underrated, and you have made a real effort to do that with this draft.

      I really like the dynamics of this team. Rebounds are covered with Camby, Kaman, Smith, and Kidd ha ha, blocks with Camby and Smith, and threes are covered with Jackson, Kidd, and Barbosa. Also, you have steals covered well. We have yet to see what role Allen Iverson will play in Memphis, but he will have a good year. The Detroit system was totally inflexible and unable to adjust to the acquisition of AI. People are so quick to get down on players, but there is NOTHING wrong with AI. Year before last, he was a top 5 producer. He's not losing anything. No question, AI will help you in 5 categories this year.

      You have alot of that kind of thing on this roster with Dirk (very underrated by and large), Stephen Jackson (completely misunderstood), Marcus Camby (too old ha ha), Richard Hamilton (despised for his style of play), Chris Kaman ("he'll only play 30 games"), Allen Iverson ("washed up"), and then Varejao whom you mentioned as a mistake. He may not put up great numbers for you really fully, but he does give you a measure of consistency that's important to have. Also, I'll put Josh Smith in here, because he is many times underrated.

      But =>All these players are due for excellent years this year in spite of what everyone is saying. It's difficult to predict what kind of numbers Allen Iverson will put up, so he's a tricky pick, but on this roster he fits. No matter what he does it will help you.

      Warrick was a good pick, although only time will tell how much he produces this year. Still, a quality selection.

      Like I said, in a 14 team league, you should be watched with this team. It has alot of heart. You may have to make some moves, maybe even alot, but just remember, "Stay in the rhythm." If you watch closely the waiver wire, and grab the best adds in your league, you really have a chance to win, so

      Good luck!

    • no not kristic...get channing frye...who are the top 5 rated centers that are avalible in your league?

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      • frye was already taken before my turn.

        it's just a mock draft though.

        i just want to hone my skills.

        i joined one league and many said i got a pretty competitive team.

        i guess im just lucky to get those guys.

        heres my team on the league that i joined:

        16 teams
        cats: FGM, FG%, FTM, FT%, 3PTM, 3PT%, PTS, OREB, DREB, AST, ST, BLK, TO, A/T, PF

        Chris Anderson
        Anthony Randolph/ BGriff - pending trade

    • your team is not horrible that kid has no idea what he is talking about just get rid of thabeet and varejoa

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      • Yeah. I'd agree. in a 14 team league that isn't really that bad at all. I was mildly impressed. There may be some reaches and the guys previously mentioned should be dropped, but you did a lot better than most people new to the game. It isn't like you are going to get steamrolled every week. You will be able to compete.

        Just remember you need to be quick on the wire (or what's left of it in a 14 team league) at the beginning of the year in order to snag those surprise players that burst on the scene.


    • By looking at your team, it's pretty obvious that you're either new to this, or you're an idiot.... but I think fantasy basketball is based on keeping up to date on all the news, checking all the numbers and everything.... a lot of work is involved if you want to become a great fantasy basketball player...

      There's 4~5 players on your team that I will not even think about drafting this year either due to the uncertainty of their position right now or their extreme unstable health issues...

      As you play more the next few years, you'll pick up on more things and learn more stuff. Good luck this year, but you can start preparing for next year! =P


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