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  • Spinway Spinway Oct 2, 2009 12:44 AM Flag

    Drop Murphy for Gome

    Do you guys think I made the right choice to drop Troy Murphy for Ryan Gomes ? I went with my gut feeling. What do you guys think ?

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    • your gut lied!

    • big time case of indigestion to make that move

    • ur gut feeling is correct. Gomes has a lot of upside, Murphy is pretty much downhill from here with young stuf jeff foster dominating as their star center. Good job!

    • You must have a bad gut then. Don't listen to it!

    • It would be easy to say no and that you shouldn't have here. Murphy is a very good player, but Gomes is a QUALITY pick up on the waiver wire, and there's no sense in getting upset about the situation. Now Murphy is a free agent, and you probably won't be able to get him back.

      So what do you do? I have done similar things in the past and just felt horrible. But I learned that there is a way to deal with that situation and that is to look inside yourself and try to understand the reasons you had for making the move. If you go back and look at what you were REALLY thinking, you will find some very interesting things going on there as I did when I was in the same situation at times in my past. First, you will realize that whatever you did, in this case drop Troy Murphy, you did to win, and not just someday, right now, too. It's an obvious no brainer on paper to keep Murphy over Gomes, but you made the decision in favor of Gomes for a reason or reasons. When you get to the bottom of the reason(s), you might find that people would think you are crazy to believe what you believe, but you will KNOW that you did the right thing and that's what's most important for you. Second, you will realize that you should be glad that you are challenging yourself and motivating yourself and that you should make sure you don't find yourself looking back in agony. Eventually these things will pay off. Third, you'll realize that all that matters is moving forward. Every time I've been in this situation, I have finished in or close to the top, sometimes with some horrible teams, just because I determined myself to work harder and try harder. Every time, I finished higher than I expected. Fourth, you will probably find that the move made more sense than it appears to make. It's hard to like being in a difficult situation 3 weeks before the season starts, but it will help you to know that, as difficult a spot as the move left you in, the move made sense for you. Fifth, you will realize that you still have a chance to win! When these types of situations happen, the best in people CAN rise to the surface. You could still find yourself at the top of your league, somehow...

      For sure, you have given yourself a challenge, for whatever reason(s). All that is left to do is move forward and do your best. I have missed drafts, dropped great players and all the rest, so I know you will end up better off because of this move.

      I hope the lashings here didn't get you down. It's not really wrong to defend a standard of thinking that makes good sense, but YOU made that decision for YOUR reason(s), and, again, I know from my experiences that you will be all the better for them, both this year and in the future. I gotta say here, though, that I wish sometimes they'd temper their ideas some around here...oh well...

      Good luck to you with your team. YOU did the right thing for YOU. After all your goal is the same as everyone else's, win!

    • This is where gut feelings usually lead you: the toilet.

      Seriously? Troy Murphy, a unique fantasy talent, for Gomes a 13th round filler pick?

      Oh! I get it! You're joking! No one's THAT misguided! :-)

      If you're not joking, get 'im back.

    • this can't be true

    • Don't go with your gut anymore.

    • This guy's totally dogging all of ya'l.... no guy is THIS dumb~... lol~

    • youre totally idiot!!! thats all I can say youre the dumbest manager Ive met to drop a proven player who averaged double2 last season to a Ryan Gomez? Come oN dUde? you are a moRon!! you will be a loser in that league if you continue to make a silly move like that...

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