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  • jvince jvince Apr 21, 2009 4:54 AM Flag

    Top 24 of Fantasy '09

    Who do think should be the top picks next season?

    Not just basing on this year's statistics, but also on possible break-outs, injuries, etc.

    Not looking for projections that will be close to Yahoo's or other fantasy sites, but for something like your personal list. Those that you will definitely be drafting next season.

    It will be interesting to see which players Yahoo fantasy users predict to have solid numbers in '09.

    Here's my top 24 so far:
    1. LeBron James
    2. Chris Paul
    3. Kevin Durant
    4. Dwyane Wade
    5. Danny Granger
    6. Kobe Bryant
    7. Brandon Roy
    8. Dirk Nowitzki
    9. Al Jefferson
    10. Chris Bosh
    11. Amare Stoudemire
    12. Pau Gasol

    13. Deron Williams
    14. Yao Ming
    15. Jose Calderon
    16. Kevin Martin
    17. Devin Harris
    18. Antawn Jamison
    19. Josh Smith
    20. Rajon Rondo
    21. Derrick Rose
    22. Troy Murphy
    23. David Lee
    24. Monta Ellis

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    • As of right now:

      1. L. James
      2. Paul
      3. Durant
      4. Wade
      5. Bryant
      6. Nowitzki
      7. Granger
      8. D. Williams
      9. P. Gasol
      10. Roy
      11. Bosh
      12. Nash

      13. Billups
      14. J. Johnson
      15. Calderon
      16. David West
      17. Murphy
      18. V. Carter
      19. A. Miller
      20. G. Wallace
      21. Jamison
      22. D. Lee
      23. Lewis
      24. Iguodala
      B. Lopez

    • you're underrating paul. he's been the top player for two years now.

      also; martin is too high. he doesnt bring much aside from pts, ft en fg%

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      • No way. LBJ can only get better, whereas CP3 has virtually reached his ceiling. It is so much easier to build around LBJ, it's not even funny. He has no negative stat, and contributes across the board. CP3, on the other hand, lacks REB,3PM,BLK that The King can provide. Ya ya ya, CP3 has been atop the ranks statistically for 2 yrs running, however, I believe LBJ will take that crown w/ ease if/when he averages 80+ FT% along w/ a triple-double. Do you really wanna miss out on that? Do you know how foolish you would look? I rest my case...

    • My top 24

      1. LeBron James
      2. Chris Paul
      3. Kobe Bryant
      4. D-vvade
      5. Danny Granger
      6. Brandon Roy
      7. Kevin Durant
      8. Dirk
      9. Deron vvillams
      10. Yao Ming
      11. Al Jefferson
      12. Chris Bosh
      13. Dvvight Hovvard
      14. Pau Gasol
      15. Joe Johnson
      16. Billups
      17. Rashad Levvis
      18. Paul Pierce
      19. Andre Iggy
      20. Kidd
      21. Ray Allen
      22. Mo vvillams
      23. David Lee
      24. David vvest

    • 1. I like your list in general and we are in agreement on your top 8. Certainly, there is argument on the exact draft order of the top 8 as listed, but certainly I would expect all 8 to be taken in competitive leagues by the 8th selection.

      2. Allow me to address some of the other comments. KG has now had two injury laden seasons in a row and, as with the Bulls at the end of their run with Pippen, the Celts are deep enough to rest him throughout the regular season. 16/8/1 blk is not a top 24 player. I actually think that the top Celt next season in Fantasy is between Rondo, Pierce and Ray Allen - yes in that order!

      2. Troy Murphy is NOT a top 24 pick next season. I had him this year (yes!!) BUT he is going on 29, had a breakout year taking advantage of others injuries!), can't defend the post and the Pacers will build the team around Granger and Brandon Rush. I predict Bargnani outplays Troy next season from a fantasy perspective; if he increases his rbs to 8-9 per game it's a nobrainer due to blks and scoring.

      3. Melo?! Please he's a punk, missing nearly 30 combined games the past two seasons for both injuries and discipline. I'd place him in the fourth round on my pre-draft rankings.

      4. Dwight Howard is just outside the top 24 for me, UNLESS he proves he can get his FT% up to 70% during the off-season, then he's an absolute wrecker. Now, he can still be there, if the rest of your team are all excellent at the FT line to compensate.

      5. Deron Williams will be in the top ten. Boozer will be gone, he'll start off healthy and look for him to score more (22-24).

      6. Here's who I would consider for inclusion in your top 24:
      David West
      LaMarcus Aldridge (Oden is the next Sam Bowie)

      Thanks for a stimulating topic.

      • 1 Reply to Sapid P
      • Bargnani's never been a 7+ rebounder, and there's no indication that he will be anytime soon as long as Bosh is there. His production is still funky and I will definitely be looking to draft him near the early rounds. As for Murphy, are you serious? His per min. numbers are right where they are for his career, and it just took one season of acclimating for him to blossom. Also, he was marred by Achilles problems. This yr, he was basically healthy and had a yr of experience under Jim O'Brien, so I don't see him letting up of 10 reb/2 3pm anytime soon. I suggest you get some Rogaine before you dog my boy Troy...

    • put melo in there... he is going to have a break out season!!!

    • I will draft Dwight Howard as high as 5. Yeah he will tank your GT% but he will almost single handedly win you blocks, offensive boards, and total boards... he will def help a lot with shooting % as well.

    • Solid list.

      Whether Gasol ends up top 12 I'm not so sure. Bynum being there the whole season I think it will be tough for Gasol.
      I'm also liking Caron Butler much better than Antawn Jamison at the moment.
      Murphy had a great year, a top 8 year this year, but I find it hard to see him repeating to be top 24. However, he'll drop in drafts because he is not a big name and there's probably value there if you draft him in the 3rd or later.
      I'd still put KG up there because his %s are fantastic, and if he plays, he'll be in the top echelon.
      Also believe Joe Johnson will be up there again with his line. I like him over Kevin Martin who's essentially just a very valuable 3-4 category player.

      Solid list though. My points were all very minor and all those players will be up there and around by next season's end.

    • Ellis? Wat is Durant doing @ 3? where caron butler andre iguodala chauncey billups tim duncan carmelo anthony kevin garnett etc. a poor list indeed.

      My List:

      1. LeBron James
      2. Chris Paul
      3. Dwayne Wade
      4. Dirk Nowitzki
      5. Kobe Bryant
      6. Amare Stoudemire
      7. Danny Granger
      8. Pau Gasol
      9. Chauncey Billups
      10.Chris Bosh
      11.Caron Butler
      12.Deron Williams
      13.Steve Nash
      14.Tim Duncan
      15.Yao Ming
      16.Al Jefferson
      17.Kevin Garnett
      18.Carmelo Anthony
      19.Brandon Roy
      20.Joe Johnson
      21.Vince Carter
      22.Kevin Durant
      23.Jose Calderon
      24.Andre Iguodala
      25.Marcus Camby

      • 2 Replies to Nitsuj
      • You are obviously discounting Baby Ice's (Durant) tremendous upside. How many 20 yr olds do you know play/ have played like this? Please be in my league next yr: sgdfinc@yahoo.com

      • Look, first, you gotta chill and respect others' opinions. If someone put Troy Murphy in their top 24 of '08 before the season began, and you called his list poor, there's no reason for that, since you have no idea how the season will pan out yet.

        Second, I probably wasn't clear enough, but what I meant was who you think will be the top 24 fantasy players in 2009. I'm not looking for adp projections, or the like. I'm looking for the players that you think will be at the top 24 by the end of the 09-10 season.

    • Where is Dwight Howard? He is way better than Ellis.

      • 1 Reply to Carmelo MVP
      • As awesome as Dwight Howard is, I won't be drafting him early next season until he learns to shoot some free throws. Those FTs and TOs are poison. There are a bunch of other Cs who deserve to be above Dwight in terms of fantasy rankings, such as Amare, Yao ,Gasol, and Jefferson. Now, none of these guys will ever have more rebounds and blocks than Dwight, but their stats are much better overall compared to his. Better FT% and lesser TOs equals more value for me. This season's fantasy rankings actually has him as a late fourth-rounder. He's just being over-drafted because of his name. And I will be drafting Ellis next season. He'll be up for a break-out season, barring any sort of setback.


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