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  • paulie wanna cracker biaatche paulie wanna cracker biaatche Mar 20, 2009 3:49 AM Flag

    MVP race!!!!!

    So far this is my list of who’s leading at the moment..

    1) lebron james
    2) dwyane wade
    3) kobe bryant
    4) chris paul

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    • i think a lot of people should think about dwight howard... he carries the magic on his shoulders and is very consistent ..just throwing another name out there..

    • i would say

      1. lebron
      2. kobe
      3. paul
      4. wade

      can't fathom anyone else winning it.... lebron def deserves it. he will carry cavs to championship round

    • Id give it to Wade only because his team is worse... I know this is crazy but hear me out. When it comes down to the stats. I would say they are both even. No one contributes in one area much more than the other. The cavs have a pretty well balanced team this year and Lebron still manages to throw down incredible #s. But his team does not count on him the way that the Heat do. The The heat absolutely blow and D-Wade is probably the only reason they are a playoff team. They have alot of young talent but without D-Wade, Miami takes a worse fall than the Cavs would without LBJ.

      After I watched Wade beat the Bulls I had made up my mind.

    • Deron Williams should be up there. Coming off an early season injury and making the best effort for the Jazz should deserve recognition.

    • paulie wanna cracker biaatche paulie wanna cracker biaatche Mar 20, 2009 3:49 AM Flag

      the reason why lbj is at the top is based from the numbers all across the board he has been putting up all season long.. The 40pts games, the triple-doubles, only player so far this season to average 7rebounds & 7assists pergame.. Plus the cavs are in position to get the top seed in the east & in the nba, which validates him as the strongest candidate for the mvp..

      the reason why dwade is next to lebron is coz of the numbers all across the board he has been putting up all year long.. The 50 & 40pt games.. Only guard in the nba to average over 1 stls & blks per game.. Helped improve the heat’s win totals from a year ago.. He has been playing solidly all year long helping his team win games, & without him the heat wouldn’t be where they are right now.. This are all solid arguments that would warrant consideration for d-wade to win the mvp.. And based from d-wade’s performance since february, he has close the gap for the mvp title between him & lebron..

      Right now based from just the team standings alone, lebron wins this one by default.. It is just unfortunate coz a lot of voters weigh in heavily the team record of the candidate instead of just the way the player meant to his team & the player’s overall numbers.. This is kinda similar bias from the voting process on the reserves for the all-star team this year.. If they didn’t considered heavily the team record, then al jeff & durant would have been selected as reserves for the all-star game.. This is also kinda similar during the 2005-06 season where kobe was putting up huge numbers & yet was not enough to get him the mvp title, & if I remember it correctly I think kobe finished 3rd on the votes received.. Now let’s get back to the d-wade mvp talk here, the only way I could see wade to really win the mvp trophy is if he KEEPS UP BEASTING it like he has been doing for the last few weeks, & also the heat getting the 4th or even the 3rd seed will strengthen his arguments for the mvp title..

      Kobe on the other hand is an interesting case for the mvp title.. He has the record to support it.. And he has certainly the numbers to strengthen it, but the problem is that his numbers across the board are not impressive enough compared to lebron & dwade.. Well we could likely say that his numbers all across the board are not good coz he has a better supporting cast that are stealing away Kobe’s numbers, compared to lebron & dwade.. But still kobe is kobe & he will be there for the mvp race.. Well we could also say that Kobe’s mvp candidacy was strengthened when Bynum went down.. If Bynum didn’t got hurt at all, we will likely not talking about kobe in the mvp race.. It will be interesting for the next few games if kobe will even the gap for the mvp race.. The only way I could see kobe winning the mvp is if the lakers wins the best record in the nba, which proves my theory that voters rely heavily on the candidate’s team record.. As a lakers fan, to be honest I will be surprised if kobe wins again the mvp title, well hopefully he wins..

      Chris paul is probably the dark horse in the mvp title race.. He has the numbers across the board to support his case for the mvp title.. Impressive fg & ft shooting.. Leading the league in both stls & assist cats.. Leads all guards in triple-doubles, more than kobe & dwade so far this season.. Also leads all guards in double-doubles, he even has more than lebron this season.. The only reason why his mvp candidacy is weak so far is coz the hornets doesn’t have the record to support cp3’s mvp case.. We could likely attribute the team record from the fact that the hornets struggled abit early & late January-February this season.. His only way to win the mvp race is if the hornets somehow gets the 2nd or even the 1st seed.. Well for all cp3 fans out there, wish good luck on cp3 winning the mvp..


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