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  • Matt M Matt M Feb 26, 2009 2:00 PM Flag


    I just traded Maggette for Kendrick Perkins.

    Maggette has been playing well but he is such a liablility with his age and history of injuries.

    Do you think I got the better end of this deal?

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    • and try 9 and 7 for haslem of the last month of play.

      The more you try to rationalize it the worse it looks man. Just suck it up and admit it was a terrible move.

    • you looked at 5 games man. Look at haslem's last 15 games to get a better idea. It ain't pretty. Plus Z is just coming back from injury and he's only gonna get better.

    • z only averages 13.6 pts 7.3 brds,
      Haslim avg 10pts 8 brds so haslim avgs more brds then z by 1 and only 3 less pts wow huge difference ur right what was i thinkn makn this trade
      Z's last 5 looks like 0pts 3brds/ 22 pts 6brds/ 11pts 6brds/ 16pts 8brds/ and 9pts 8brds

      Haslims last 5 10pts 7 brds/ 17pts 6 brds/ 13pts 10brds/ 2pts 8 brds/ 10pts 11 brds

      haslim had two double digit rebounding nights to z's 0 double digit rebounding nights in the last 5 yes i lost some pts i wont argue that but the rebounding i did not lose yes i lost blocks but i dont care or need those and as far as crawford for rose pts basically equal but i gain the assist advantage which is what i wanted to accomplish with that trade

    • This is ridiculous... You ask if everyone thinks you got the better end of this deal...You didnt, and they dont, but then you want to argue about it..You asked the question, everyone answered, dont argue about it cause ppl didnt pump you up about it and now your feelings are hurt cause it was a bad trade!

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      • since all the attention is on this post then anywhere else let me ask all of u this because of the warrior situation and my team cant afford to have anybody sit randomly im thinkn of tradin cpt jack im lookn to maybe get harris,rondo,billups,calderon becuase i need to keep my assis high im tryn to trade sheed in the deal to get rid of his ass hes pissn me off do u think a calderon lemarcus aldridge for cpt jack and sheed is a good deal for me
        my current team is
        d will
        nate rob
        cpt jack
        luis scola
        al harrington
        prince bn
        daniels bn
        brooks bn
        andersen just picked up cuz nene was down wanted the extra brds
        i would drop brooks and poss andersen for either speights,bonner,hakim warrick, cj miles, good trade for me and who to pick up if i do

    • you can still look at teams duh, just like when u look at the top teams out there in leaders cat

    • now you're just getting ridiculous. Haslem has had three double-doubles in his last 13 games, and he's scored in single digits 4 separate times during that span -- including 2 games where he scored 2 pts. Couple that crap with no blocks and less than a steal a game and you have......well a pile of crap.

      There is no remote comparison between Big Z and Haslem. Absolutely none. No one who had any idea about fantasy value trades Big Z for Haslem. The only reason this trade avoids the "catastrophically bad" label is the fact that Crawford, by chance, looks like he may occasionally sit. However, I would still label this trade a solid terrible.

    • once again my league doesnt count 3s and i dont care about blks and i have guys who get good steals besides crawford, such as cpt jack,sessions, drose from the trade, marquis daniels, nate robinson crawford was probably my worst guard didnt need him at all o by the way i have dwill holdn down the point also

    • Hate to say it, but that really isnt a good trade...Were you smoking some of what your pic is at the time?

    • sry but my team isnt built on blks at all its pts brds assist h2h league standard 5 cat i dont worry about % and could care less about blks also z isnt that good and his ankle is still a concern its been sore recently for him crawford had a hot streak but still very inconsisten and being benched will not help his confience haslim is a double double as far as brds and pts go and if jo gets hurt again very likely his stats will benefit and derrick rose way more consisten then crawford and assist will go up with addition of miller and salmons so for what my team needs i won that trade

    • could not have said it better myself. There is simply no way to rationalize those two trades. They were terrible. Haslem? Come one man.

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