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  • David David Feb 25, 2009 10:06 PM Flag

    calderon or d.harris in keeper

    ih ave calderon deron williams, mayo

    would you trade calderon for harris? who will be better pg long term?

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    • Both have had some injury concerns in their brief careers, and obviously, both have positives and negatives.

      Calderon- better percentages, fewer turnovers (could be helpful with D Williams' TOs), slightly more 3s per game, more passing oriented (so he'll have high assists totals but likely won't be scoring over 15 PPG anytime soon)

      Harris- better scorer, more steals, more TOs, fewer assists, worse percentages, I feel like he has a higher ceiling

      I'd probably lean a little more toward Harris, but if you don't have high FG% bigs, you may want to take Calderon (who shoots nearly 50% from the field, albeit with fewer shot attempts). Also, having an assist-oriented PG is very important (but since you already have D Williams, you should be OK there). Again, I'd go with Harris, but it's really a toss-up.

    • paulie wanna cracker biaatche paulie wanna cracker biaatche Feb 25, 2009 10:26 PM Flag

      if toronto decides to keep marion and able to sign bosh for long term, i like the chances of calderon assuming he stays healthy.. he will definitely give you solid stats in assists,ft%, some pts, & 3's if they keep their core intact.... imagine having solid guys for assists cat with deron & jose for years to come...

      harris upside is just too good to pass uponto, but he is more of a scoring pg than a passing pg for me.. if you have alot of scorers for your team, then maybe holding onto calderon for now would be the best for you.... and if you decide to go after harris, i doubt you will get him cheap with a calderon/harris straightup, you might have to add another rosterable guy to get devin....

    • I like Devin Harris but its a tough call.

    • id take d-harris


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