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    Brand 4 AL Jefferson

    Brand is s h i t... DO i veTo?

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    • I really don't see any reason to veto this trade.

      First of all, both players will not help or hurt anyone this season.

      No one really knows what will happen next season - so both players are taking a risk.

      There is no sign of collusion, team dumping or cheating.

      Chalk this one up as a good trade for the owner who gets the players who will have a better year next season - none of us really knows who (we are also guessing) - so why veto....

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      • Exactly. If none of these are happening, "collusion, team dumping or cheating", then you should not veto.

        In a keeper league especially, managers should be able to take chances/gambles in trades. At the beginning of the year, someone tradeing Biedrins for Lopez would have been crazy, but now look. Why take away the ability for someone to buy low on someone they expect to blow up??

        I say, don't veto 99% of the time since you don't know what that player wants.... heck... in the NBA Memphis made some questionable moves (the gasols) but now they look as if they might pan out..... you never know.

    • Keeper league trades are much more complex and I generally don't veto trades in them. Brand and Jefferson aren't that far off from each other.... at least not to the point where you'd veto.

      It is ok for someone to take a gamble on Brand. Jefferson has played over what people thought he would and Brand has played under. Remember, at the beginning of the season, no one would have thought this trade was odd, they probably would have even favored the Brand side. The same could happen again.

      Let people make their trades....

    • jose vetoes every trade .. why even ask the message board jose???

    • I don't know man......I traded Elton Brand "and" Jason Terry 2 weeks after Brand was first injured....I think it's vetoable and your argument is that Jefferson is NASTY and Brand doesn't even know where he's playing the next few years !!

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      • That is a decent argument. I tend to be pretty lenient with trade vetoes, otherwise nobody ever trades. You get a veto war going and there is no movement whatsoever. Whoever is trading Al, obviously has there reasons. Again, it isn't what I would do, but I don't know that it is egregious.

        Brand will either mesh better with Philly next year, (will Andre Miller even be there to run that offense that way?) or he will be traded to a team that will make him the focal point. I still think he has something left. Two years ago, brand was a top 10 player. He has had two fluke type injuries. Bad luck, but his career isn't over.

      • def. veto it

    • I don't think Brand is completely done. He isn't that old. yeah, he has had two unlucky years and he doesn't mesh well with Philly, but I think that is fair enough. Al Jeff is going to have a serious recovery also. He isn't a given to pick up right where he left off.

      I wouldn't veto, even though I'd probably keep Al if I had him. People need to be able to take some risks and then pay the price if they don't pan out.

    • yes veto


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