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  • Lakers Fan Lakers Fan Feb 9, 2009 9:18 AM Flag

    Giving up Z-Bo

    H2H league, 12 teams, standard 8-cat scoring
    My team currently:

    A Miller, D Rose, Stuckey, Conley (just added him late last week)
    Wade, E Gordon
    Pierce, J Green
    Jamison, Z Randolph, Haslem
    D Howard, Dalembert

    I give: Z Randolph/Haslem/Stuckey
    I get: P Gasol/TJ Ford/Turiaf

    What do you think? Good trade for me?

    Thanks for any opinions.

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    • i like pau over randolph right now especially when kaman comes back...its basically a two man show in LA now..so id probably go for that...u wont get as much scoring w/turiaf but more defense than haslem and stuckey and ford are kinda a wash...both can have good nights and both can have really shitty nights

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      • Those were pretty much my thoughts.

        For me, Turiaf would be more of a "use him until I find someone better" kind of guy....I wouldn't plan on keeping him....possibly start streaming that spot right away.....

        To me, Stuckey may be starting, but he's actually losing minutes to Rip coming off the bench. I think that's why his numbers have headed down in the last couple weeks. I know Ford is an injury risk, but when he's healthy, he's the starter for the Pacers.

        Thanks for the reply.

        Anyone else?

    • Anyone?


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