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    Post Questions I'll Answer

    I have about an hour to kill - so feel free to post questions and I'll give you my 2 cents!

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    • should i trade rudy gay and thaddeus young for vince carter

    • I am in a 14 team H2H keeper league. I have David Lee and another wants him. I was wondering if I could R. Lewis for Lee, would this be enough for Lewis and would it be wise to lose Lee in a keeper league.

    • i got offered a trade where i trade butler and duhon for josh smith and kmart. my pg's are westbrook, d williams, bibby and duhon. im lacking in most other categories. should i accept?
      (the rest of my team is j Thompson, nene, haslem, camby, perkins, j howard, c anthony, eric gordon and marc gasol.)

    • That's all for now. I have to go. Thanks for the questions!
      Until next time - good luck!

    • wassup, should i just drop terry and stream his spot for this week. my team is an injured wreck and i should really beat the guy im playing this week. what chu think?

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      • haha tough question. I like Terry and although they are saying he should be back by end of All Star break I still think it'll be another week or so after that until he returns. If you have a spot to hold on to him I would. because he would be back a week or two before the h2h playoffs. I think! Teams take hits with injuries and thus sometimes can't win every week but if since it is H2H and you accumulate your record through wins and losses you can afford to take a few cat losses and make up for them in the weeks to come. Again its a tough one because I'm not sure what your situation is (ie: what place your in, how your team is looking, can you afford to stash an injured guy or is it do or die where you have to HAVE guys playing)

    • Which Team is the best?

      Team A: Jason Kidd and Rasheed Wallace

      Team B: Monta Ellis, Jason Richardson, Jason Thompson

      Team C: Jason Kidd and Andris Biedrins

      Also when is Biedrins coming back?

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      • "The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Golden State will be without center Andris Biedrins until at least after the All-Star break with a sprained ankle. The team announced Saturday that he'll be out for Sunday's game against Utah and won't return until after the break."

        I like team C. Only if you can hold on to Biedrins until he returns. If not then team A.

      • Any thoughts on my team?

        10 Team H2H league.

        Scoring Categories: FGM,FTM,3PTM,PTS,REB,AST,ST,BLK,TO,PF,TECH'
        Roster: pg, sg, sf, pf, c and utility

        Deron Williams pg
        Baron Davis pg
        Brandon Roy pg,sg
        Manu Ginobili sg
        Hedo Turkoglu sg, sf,
        Charlie V sf, pf
        Jeff Green sf, pf
        Josh Smith sf, pf
        Marcus Camby pf, c
        Chris Bosh pf, c
        Zach Randolph pf, c
        Al Horford pf,c

    • h2h, 9 cat, non-keeper league

      given jameer's injury, and the fact that hedo's running the point now...

      should i trade rashard lewis/mike dunleavy for hedo/al harrington?

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      • Before I wouldn't do this trade but I actually like this idea. Al Harrington is free to do what he wants in New York and they are letting him shoot lights out. He will give you 3s, high scoring and rebounds. I like Rashard Lewis over Hedo but your right the recent injury to Nelson has increased Hedo's value and he has shown this in the last few games. Although I would be a bit cautious to see what they do with Tyrone Lue in the mix. But I don't think he will be a big enough threat to cut into Hedo's assist value. As of right now I would do that trade.

    • Should I trade Jrich and Nene now? Nene's numbers are going down i heard and jrich is on fire right now

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      • You can't predict that Nene's #s will go down. I mean yes it is the NBA and the tear of the season can wear him down but the Nuggets are in contention and need all their players to produce at full minutes. Thus I don't see Nene being sat. BUT I do agree with you that he is someone you should consider trading, not because of the possibility of his #s going down but the possibility of him going down due to an injury. He hasn't proven yet that he can play a full season thus this might be a good time to trade him. I like J Rich but he has been very inconsistent prior to his recent hot streak. With the Suns probably trading Amare, J Rich value to the team could go up as he might be relied upon to score more. However I do recommend trading J Rich if you can get a deal that helps your team. I currently offered him for Andre Miller and am waiting to see what the owner says. good luck

    • my team is
      david lee, paul pierce, rajon rondo, carmelo anthony, al jefferson,
      steve blake, derrick fisher, brook lopez, spencer hawes, yi jianlian, keyon dooling, lamar odom, raja bell, gerald wallace

      im looking to get kevin martin, chris paul, and mehmet okur, who should i give him???

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      • You give: Paul Pierce, Raja Bell, Carmelo Anthony, David Lee
        You get: Chris Paul, Kervin Martin, Mehmet Okur

        although I highly recommend maybe holding on to David Lee instead of trading him for Okur. Okur has been hot lately but Boozer will be back after the All Star break and that could cut into his production (scoring and rebounds). But its up to you. I think what I put up should be sufficient enough to make that trade happen. Look it over though!

    • I would trade Brandon Roy and Tony Parker for Lebron James and Matt Barnes.

      Would you pull the trigger to get Lebron if you were me?

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