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  • Joohwan Kim Joohwan Kim Jan 22, 2009 10:28 PM Flag

    Ask Questions HERE:

    Yeah. Just have fun. haha

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    • Chostradamus agreed with you. He made a good point about Granger's studliness, like you did, but I still think I am getting out ahead. As I see it, the main benefit to me is FG% with West at 47 and Nene at 52% or something ridiculous.

      Now given, I lose three 3s a game in Granger and with Thornton's scoring included I also come up way short in points on this deal. And it's not like I score in huge numbers anyway. , I'm about 7th out of 14. But I'm improving the post and raising my league worst FG%. I have guys on the bench who can help me compete in 3s and one of them will regularly get a Util slot. Plus, I hate Al Thornton. Yeah, nice volume scorer and he does play for the Clips so we know he'll keep getting his. However, he almost single handedly kills my FG% given his volume of shots and make rate. He's easily my biggest dead weight in my biggest problem category. And this let's me unload him.

      Another thing about the 2 for 1 nature of this deal. We set lineups weekly, so improving my front line this much while only losing one guard, yeah the best one on my team and a top 5 guy, made too much sense.

      Now, the subject heading of this thread I can only assume you must have something to say about all this. And if there's any other information you need, let me know. I am interested to see your come back to the points I tried to make.


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