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  • JBCHO JBCHO Jan 22, 2009 2:41 AM Flag

    Chostradamus Returns to Answer ?'s!

    It has indeed been a while since I've last posted. But, I'm here to take on any questions regarding trades/pickups and even general questions. In order for me to help you maximally, please offer this information when asking about a trade/FA-waiver pickup:
    1. Who you're thinking about trading/dropping and for who.
    2. Your complete roster

    Knowing these two things will help me greatly. If you have certain needs you're targeting, also feel free to include that information as well.

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    • I am in a 16-team (12 players) H2H league with keepers of up to 4 yrs total. I got offered:

      -Jennings (1st yr, 10th round)
      -Ariza (1st yr, 6th round)
      -Dalembert (1st yr, 8th round)


      -Al Jefferson (4th yr, 11th round)
      -Deng (1st yr, 5th round)

      I am in 8th out of 16, while only 6 teams make the playoffs. I would not keep Dalembert and Ariza for next yr while Jennings in the 10th is a steal. I am going to keep Brook Lopez (2nd yr, 11th round) and Yao Ming (1st yr, 12th round) for next yr. This leaves me with one spot available for a player that was drafted this past yr since Yao and Lopez will take up 3 out of the 4 yrs. Jennings would clearly be the choice as one of the best keepers (in the 10th), which would make my last 3 picks in the draft: Jennings, Lopez and Yao.

      However, I still feel as if I am giving up too much...
      What do u think? Can I get more out of him?

      My team:

      PG- Nelson, Conley, Foye
      SG- J Rich, Rudy
      SF- Deng, Marvin Will
      PF- Al Jeff, K-Mart
      C- Lopez, J. O`neal, Yao

      His team:

      PG- Jennings, Louis Will
      SG- Wade, J.R. Smith, C. Brewer
      SF- Ariza, Tyrus Thomas
      PF- Diaw, Robin Lopez, Hickson
      C- Dwight, Dalembert

      My PF slot becomes much weaker if I accept this trade. I would truly appreciate any input about the trade offered to me, as well as any possible trade scenarios I could offer him...

      Thx a lot,
      Peace out

    • i would give up camby and gilbert and receive dwight and ridnour, would you do it?

      14 team h2h league
      my ft% is pretty solid right now though cause of crawford, manu, and chandler

      my team

      Jamal Crawford
      Manu Ginobili
      Jonny Flynn
      LeBron James
      Ersan Ilyasova
      Thaddeus Young
      Kendrick Perkins
      Ben Wallace
      Jason Kidd
      Danilo Gallinari
      Marcus Camby
      Wilson Chandler
      Gilbert Arenas

    • i have three trades pending will they go through
      1: cp3 and vince for dwade and eric gordon
      2: billups and lamar for jsmooth
      3: kg and hughes for roy?

    • they offered me douglas-roberts, larry hughes,jeff green, monta ellis and i give up deron williams ans gerald wallace

    • Im in 3rd place out of 10 teams.
      I need More Scoring!!!

      PG Kidd
      SG Redd
      SF J. Smith
      PF Amare
      C Bosh
      UT E. Gordon
      UT Okafor
      BN Salmons
      BN T. Evans
      BN Odom

      I want to pick up either Magette, CDR, or Dahntey Jones. thinkin of droppin Salmons and/or Odom? What Do u think? Thanks...

    • Is j.j.hickson any good??..and is marco belinelli better to have than hickson???...and last tyrus thomas is a FA should i pick up instead of those two??... This is in my keeper league my is in first, i don't really need trey's but I want the better player!!thx

    • I give: Billups/ West

      I get: Pau Gasol and B. Haywood

      Good or bad??

      Need biggs..too many smalls

      My Team:

      PG: R. Westbrook
      SG: B. Roy
      G: C. Billups
      SF: Josh Smith
      PF: D. West
      F: T. Young
      C: N. Hilardo
      C: Shaq
      UT: Brandon Jennings
      UT: Louis Williams
      UT: Tyreke Evans

      BN: CDR, Jonny Flynn, Beno. U, CDR, and Drew Gooden
      Rating :

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      • I'm a big-time Gasol fan and Haywood is playing his mind out. This isn't too bad of a trade for you, Gasol is the best player in this deal and you get him. I'd say, if you can take the hit in points, and treys, it's worth it to get the boards and blocks and FG% that will result.


      • Would you add/drop anyone on my team? or sit tight? i'm not sure whether or not to punt 3's...maybe drop gallo for someone?

        I'm in a 12team h2h league. no turnovers no ft% no fg%.
        My team:
        Ty Evans
        J. Thompson
        D. Howard
        A. Randolph

        Top Wire:
        W. Chanlder

    • whats ilyasovas ceiling this year in terms of stats? Im intrigued by him and I dropped gomes for him. How will he play with redd??

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      • Hey Scotty,

        Something about those European players, huh? Haha, I'd say his biggest enemy is going to be playing-time throughout the season. With Bogut out for a little bit, he may get a shot at some decent minutes, but when Bogut and Redd return, I think he'll find it hard to get shots. While his numbers do suggest pretty good all-around numbers if he's given a full-time gig, I'd probably put a low ceiling on him because of playing time; if you need 3's ride him til the others return. Maybe he'll keep getting big minutes, though if he can keep up good playing.


    • Bro I just wanted to say what your doing is great!!!...keep it up!

    • im trying 2 get rid of shaq i dont want 2 drop him bcuz i think i can get smthin 4 him. i have a pending trade where i trade away shaq & samuel dalembert & i get chuck hayes & they drop jaret jack wat do u think??? fair 4 me????

      Aaron Brooks
      Dwyane Wade
      Joe Johnson
      J.R. Smith
      Ryan Anderson
      Chase Budinger
      Samuel Dalembert
      Shaquille O'Neal
      Al Horford
      Marreese Speights
      Chauncy Bllupps
      Terrence Williams
      David West
      Will Bynum
      Derrick Rose

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      • King,

        The fact that you got someone to trade FOR Shaq is amazing haha. You'd probably make a great salesman or marketer, haha. I like the trade for Sammy D. He may be a bit inconsistent, but with Mareese Speights now injured, he should be in for some increased playing time, granted he stays out of foul trouble. Dropping Jack should be inconsequential to your team. Hope that helps!


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