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    Ask Me Your Fantasy Bball Q's

    Hey Guys,

    I'm not an expert per say but I think I'm pretty good with fantasy basketball. Two years ago my Fantasy team finished 547th amongst all yahoo public roto teams. This year I'm in a $300 pay league and currently I'm on pace to finish 2nd (which in a pay league you can play for 2nd b/c there's $$$ in it)

    I look at Fantasy Bball the same way I look at poker (I play alot of online poker too). In poker you need all of the information b4 you can make a good decision. The same is true of fantasy bball. You can't just say I got offered Deron Williams for O.J. Mayo should I take it? Before I could answer that question intelligently I would need to know the following.... Who else is on your roster? What type of league are you in H2H or roto and how many teams in your league? If roto what are your current rankings in each of the league categories? And it sometimes help to know who is on the roster of your opponent proposing the trade.

    So fire away I will answer every question you ask, but if you would like the best answer provide me with as much of the previously mentioned information as possible. As I said I'm in a $300 pay league and I take fantasy hoops pretty seriously. Which means I'm scoring box scores and player profiles 30 min to 1 hr everyday. Hopefully my knowledge can help you and hopefully getting new ideas from your questions will help me.

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    • I'm in a 12 man roto league, and need rebounds more than anything. Brad Miller just became a FA, and I need to know who you think I should drop for him:

      Deron Williams
      Jose Calderon
      Mo Williams
      Brandon Roy
      Monta Ellis
      Manu Ginobli
      Danny Granger
      Richard Jefferson
      Michael Beasley
      Luis Scola
      Tim Duncan
      Marc Gasol
      Tyson Chandler

      It might be better for me to ignore Miller, and try to set up a good trade involving some of my guards for a good big man. Tell me what you think I should do.

    • i need 3's do i drop the injured drew gooden for q-rich?

    • This is my new and improved (I supposed) line-up. rate my team pls...i'm currently ranked 4th in our 11-team league, rotoserrie set-up....pls give me some suggestions/recommendations/tips on how to improve my team..Whose players will i add/trade/drop? here's my line-up..

      PG Mo Williams
      SG Dwayne Wade
      G Manu Ginobili
      SF Jason Richardson
      PF La Marcus Aldridge
      F Andre Iguodala
      C Brad Miller
      C Amare Stoudemire
      UTIL Luol Deng
      UTIL Brook Lopez
      BN Louis Williams
      BN Michael Beasley
      BN Ronnie Brewer

    • What can I do to help my team?

      Its a 12 team h2h. 9 Cats are field goals made, 3ptm, free throws made, pts, rebs, ast, stls, blks, and to's: Any advice will be great

      Jason Kidd
      Raymond Felton
      Manu Ginobli
      Joe Johnson
      Corey Maggette
      Josh Howard
      Raja Bell
      Gerald Wallace
      Emeka Okafor
      Chris Bosh
      LaMarcus Aldridge
      Tyson Chandler

    • What do you think of these 3 trades? (12 team, h2h, keeper)

      Team A gets D Will and Biedrins

      Team B gets Durant and Boozer

      Team A gets Joe Johnson and Rose

      Team B gets K Martin and Butler

      Team A gets Joe and Rose

      Team B gets S Jax and Melo

    • yep 10 days ago and you still in 5th way to move up .. you suck quit crying this was days ago i left you alone to post you crap advice later .. you posted that other stuff today

      • 1 Reply to TYHJCV
      • no you didn't leave me alone you started TYJHCV vs JOSHUA F threads b/c you think your rating means something.

        yeah in the last 10 days I have improved. My team's FT% went from .808 to .814, I went from having 50 more steals than games played to 64...... and I went from having 5 more treys than games played to 20. So I got stronger in all of the categories I was already strong in, that is called improvement. I know your pea-sized brain can't comprehend that, but thats why you should shut your piehole and go your bf some more of your cornhole f@ggot!

    • Re: JKIDD FOR BRAND? 3 minutes ago thanks for all of the info bro.yeah im n a 14 team league right now.i have 4 leaugues total this year. 2 cash leagues.u know ur @#$% bro def.my centerr bd buti go faith n oden to end year strong.def my decsion is still upn air.but prob leaning toward keeping him even tho numbers r down.keep grinding those sng bro.i know it frusterating playing with donk at lower limits.i def understand.they seem to get it in with the wost a lot but xcome out a head and suckout.then when u do go card dead. they will never give u a chance to steal blinds.i was n ur spoty for a long time bro.but listen when i say whenever u get out of small limit and hit a decent score r even n ur case win the league and get a decent bankroll.u will find a wholedifferent game n a lil higher buyin sng.will have respect for any bet,able steal blinds,get people off hands when ubluff things like. then u see urself playing better cause ur playing with good player ya know? dont worry bout sharkscope ,@#$%y website and it is very hard to b a wining online player bro.but just gotta put ur hours n ya know.name on ftp is mj23ivo3. hope to keep in touch with u bro and if u have any questions let me know.email is n09cantbbeat@yahoo.com and aim is baller1002002

      do u have aim? send it to my emil if u dont want ne1 to c

    • PG- Steve Nash, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook

      SG- Stephen Jackson, Eric Gordon

      SF- Luol Deng, Andrea Bargnani

      PF- Udonis Haslem, Mehmet Okur

      C- Shaquille O'Neal, Emeka Okafor

      BN- Carlos Boozer, Monta Ellis, Zach Randolph


    • Whatsup man, I need some help. I need some more 3's and I was needing a second opinion on this possible trade. I give Marc Gasol and Eric Gordon and I get Tayshaun Prince and Peja. While Tayshaun hits a few 3's, he is also here bc he helps level out the blocked shots I will lose. My thinking here is that Zach Randolph should be back next wk and that will take shots away from Gordon. Also, Milicic will be back in a wk or two and that will take minutes away from Gasol. What do you think? Thanks in advance.

    • Who in your opinion is the most underrated player in fantasy basketball?

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