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    Post your Questions - I'll answer!

    Hey guys - I have about an hour so I can answer some questions to the best of my abilities. Feel free to post your questions and I'll give you my 2 cents.

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    • Gotta go!! If you have questions feel free to send to
      good luck!

    • I have all these guards on my team and i need to package something or trade straight up for some decent forwards. i got good centers, but its hard to start a full lineup with so many guards becuase there is just not alot of room, one is always sitting out. What kind of players should i targer and what kind of deals to you think would go through....

      Nate Robinson
      T.J. Ford
      Devin Harris
      Rajon Rondo
      Monta Ellis

    • Should I give up David West to get Mayo and Peja? I have a ton of power forwards and need a point guard badly, I also have an open spot so I wouldn't be dropping anyone...

      Is this good value for West or could I do better elsewhere in a 2 for 1?

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      • To be honest I think you can get better value for David West. In fact you can even try to deal him for Roy strait up. Roy has been injured and struggled in his return so might be a good time to do that swap!! If you need PGs I would definately try to trade West for Joe Johnson, Devin Harris. I say that cause you can get better value for West. Seeing that you are thinking about Mayo and Peja that means you need 3s. someone like Joe Johnson offers that. You can also try West for Andre Miller + 1. West for Duhon + 1. If you really like Mayo go for it but try to get a better player then Peja to go along with Mayo.

      • 12 team roto league..im in 6th and i need a guard who should i try and get??? i sent melo for bibby and heres my team:

        Jameer Nelson
        (Orl - PG)
        Joe Johnson
        (Atl - PG,SG)

        Tayshaun Prince
        (Det - SF,PF)
        Zach Randolph
        (LAC - PF,C) INJ
        Gerald Wallace
        (Cha - SF,PF)

        Wilson Chandler
        (NY - SG,SF,PF)
        Dirk Nowitzki
        (Dal - PF)
        Tim Duncan
        (SA - PF,C)

    • Hi its me again. Another team: roto 12 team.

      my team:

      PG Mario Chalmers (Mia - PG)
      SG Michael Redd (Mil - SG,SF)
      G Wilson Chandler (NY - SG,SF,PF)
      SF Peja Stojakovic (NO - SG,SF)
      PF Kevin Garnett (Bos - PF)
      F Mehmet Okur (Uta - PF,C)
      C Udonis Haslem (Mia - PF,C)
      C Joel Przybilla (Por - C)
      Util Tyson Chandler (NO - C)
      Util Andre Iguodala (Phi - SG,SF)
      BN Jameer Nelson (Orl - PG)
      BN Shaquille O'Neal (Pho - C)
      BN Steve Nash (Pho - PG)

      i am in third. but my team looks weird. i am pretty confused about these guys. peja, wilson, tyson and chalmers. it jus seems that these arent performing well but i still have it with me. shld i get rid of any of these ppl? or keep them? if yes why? if no, why and for who? shld i get someone else for nash oso?

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      • no need to get rid of Nash. He's been playing well lately and the Suns are fighting for to attain a solid playoff spot so he will be contributing well for the remainder of the season. Chalmers is nice for 3s and steals but I would much rather have Duhon in there. Ok let me back track. Here are some good buy low guys right now that you can get for cheap because they have been under-performing or are ranked lower then their worth.

        Bynum, Hedo, Crawford, Gay, Green, Foye, you can probably buy low on Big Z (injured but will be back in 2-3 weeks). See if you can send Tyson Chandler and Chalmers or Peja for Gay. Gay will give you scoring, 3s, and rebounds. And i think he could have a better 2nd half of the season. He is their franchise player. Try to package the guys you wanted to move for some of the buy low guys I recommended. I like Chandler cause he gives you solid all-around production.

    • horford or westbrook?

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      • really depends on your team needs, what type of league it is and the amount of categories. I would take Westbrook right now cause his production is all over the place with nice scoring, decent rebounds and assists with some defensive stats. Although he has HORRID TOs and FG%. I still like him better right now and going forward as a starter. Horford only if you NEED a C.

    • H2H league 10 teams 9 cat
      this is my team

      A. Iverson
      Delonte West
      J. Salmons
      R. Lewis
      C. Maggette
      G. Wallace
      C. Bosh
      M. Okur
      A. Harrington
      A. Stoudemire
      A. Biedrins

      I just made 2 trades Salmons for TMac
      Amare, Okur and Maggette for KG, Randolph, and Melo

      do you think these were good trades?? and when will Randolph and Melo come back, and will they still be as effective?

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      • Ahhh i wish you traded Al Harrington in that deal instead of Okur. But hmm this is tough to say if they were effective because you got back a lot of injured guys! I would have tried to stay away from T Mac. Its so hard to predict when he will play. If you can try to look to deal him even if its for an ok player. It will be worth it for you down the line. He just decides to miss games on his own and it gets very frustrating. When he plays though he is great. Both Melo and Randolph should be back by the end of January. Here is the latest on Randolph:

        Wed, January 14
        "News: Randolph, who has a bruised left knee, has been suffering from a virus the last three days, the Los Angeles Times reports.

        Spin: Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy said the illness has put him behind schedule in his return from the knee injury. Randolph was expected to be back next week sometime, but that may get pushed into late January."

        I think Melo should be back - give or take by the start of February. A better indication will be put out in the next week or two when we see how his healing is progressing.

        The trades you pulled aren't bad! but i wouldn't have done them just yet. I would have looked at a few other options. Otherwise you have a pretty solid team.

    • hey chilly bean I'd like to help you out but since I'm answering questions quick I don't think I'm able to give you a thorough/precise answer. If you can, e-mail me your team and his team and I will have a look at it in a bit and take a few extra minutes to come up with a better trade idea.



    • This is my team. Its not struggling, i am in second, but i have a few injuries. its hurting my team and i dunno whether i can survive the next few weeks.

      PG Rudy Fernandez (Por - PG,SG)
      SG Rodney Stuckey (Det - PG,SG)
      G Stephen Jackson (GS - SG,SF) INJ
      SF John Salmons (Sac - SG,SF)
      PF Tayshaun Prince (Det - SF,PF)
      F Tim Duncan (SA - PF,C)
      C Jermaine O'Neal (Tor - PF,C) INJ
      C Al Horford (Atl - PF,C) INJ
      Util Luis Scola (Hou - PF,C)
      Util J.R. Smith (Den - SG,SF)
      BN Delonte West (Cle - PG,SG)
      BN Chauncey Billups (Den - PG)
      BN LeBron James (Cle - SF)

      is keeping jr smith ideal? the reason i am doing so cos of his threes but i hate his fg%. shld i package him with someone else and get rid of him or shld i just drop him? another thing is that j oneal and s-jax arent playing that well and r consistently injured. trade them? my teams struggles with fg% every week but i dunno how to get a guard who shoots more than 50% and is not cp3. help me to improve tho i think its pretty hard.

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      • Its gonna be hard to move injured players right now for a valuable player. But you can try to package guys like Stephen Jackson and John Salmons for someone like Pierce/Roy/Iggy/Carter. See what teams are struggling/need Centers. And make an offer with J.O. See if you can get swing J O and J R smith for Okafor. You would be loosing some 3s but you have a few guys like Rudy, S jax, west, billups and james that offer 3s. Plus thats just 1 category that you can make a trade for later. I would also try to trade Rudy somehow. See if you can do a S jax for Duhon trade. you can also try and trade J.O for Big Z strait up in the sense that J.O will be much more injury prone throughout the year then Big Z will be (big z is back in 3 weeks). Hmmm this is tough I'm just trying to come up with ideas off the top of my head.

        I would definately recommend trading these 4 though.
        Rudy F, J.O, S Jax, JR Smith.

        S jax has the most value cause of his overall production. See if you can package him with another player such as J R or Rudy to get a Gerald Wallace type player. Maybe this is a good time to buy low on Rudy Gay! Have a look at him too. Sorry bro good luck hope i gave you a few ideas/direction to work with.

    • It's chilly bean again!

      He doesnt want to do the Mayo/Granger for Carter/Rondo deal anymore! =(

      Should I still pursue Rose and Big Z for Posey and Oden???

      Who else would you recommend I shop Rondo and Carter too?

      Would you do Durant for Carter?

      How about Rondo? Who's a good swap for him?

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      • Carter/Durant is pretty even trade. I like Durant cause he is younger/healthier and has been giving you the 3s lately with nice defensive stats. Carter has been offering great assists but that has been in the absence of Harris. Durant would be a nice add and he will play throughout the whole season despite being on a loosing team. He is their franchise player. If you need a PG you can try to swap Rondo for Rose, Duhon, Nelson. I replied to your earlier post with my e-mail feel free to hit me up with the team info's again and i will have a more in depth look in a bit and try to give you a better suggestion.

    • should i make tis deal i will be getting

      brandon roy and antwan jamison

      I willbe giving up

      al jefferson

      this is my team now

      PG Joe Johnson (Atl - PG,SG)
      SG O.J. Mayo (Mem - PG,SG)
      G Chris Paul (NO - PG)
      SF Mike Dunleavy (Ind - SG,SF)
      PF Wilson Chandler (NY - SG,SF,PF)
      F Brook Lopez (NJ - PF,C)
      C Nene Hilario (Den - PF,C)
      C Al Jefferson (Min - PF,C)
      Util Andrei Kirilenko (Uta - SF,PF)
      Util Devin Harris (NJ - PG)
      BN Zach Randolph (LAC - PF,C) INJ
      BN Andre Miller (Phi - PG)
      BN Nick Young (Was- SG/SF

      i will be dropping nick young and i am worried that i will be losing blocks

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