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  • paulie wanna cracker biaatche paulie wanna cracker biaatche Jan 12, 2009 2:39 AM Flag

    Your NBA Fantasy Partner

    Did I made the right decision on parting ways with kobe???

    I give kobe Bryant, al thornton, & mo Williams
    I get al Jefferson, josh smith, & lamar odom

    I’m currently ranked 1st out of 12 teams in a12team roto with default cats….

    my team atm, is:
    pg= jason kidd
    pg= andre miller
    pg= mo williams
    pg= jameer nelson
    pg/sg= jason terry
    sg= kobe bryant
    sf/pf= al thornton
    sf/pf= shawn marion
    pf/c= tim duncan
    pf/c= zach randolph
    pf/c= jermaine o’neal
    pf/c= brook lopez
    c= andrew bynum

    the guy I’m trading with is still currently ranked 4th in the league and is 8pts away from me, and the second place guy is 3pts away from me….

    His team prior to the trade is:
    pg= rajon rondo
    pg= russell westbrook
    pg= randy foye
    pg/sg= jamal crawford
    sf/sg= grant hill
    sf/sg= hedo turkoglu
    pg/sg= jason terry
    sf= lebron james
    sf/pf= josh smith
    sf/pf= lamar odom
    sf/pf/c= andrea bargnani
    pf/c= al jefferson
    pf/c= andray blatche
    c= marc gasol

    I’m also planning to likely go after either deron for assists or joe johnson for 3’s & assists by offering andre miller, jameer, & zach or jermaine… or maybe another trade with this guy for his rondo and my jermaine…

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    • paulie wanna cracker biaatche paulie wanna cracker biaatche Jan 12, 2009 2:39 AM Flag

      could you also pls help me on how I would manage this team since I’m bleeding out quickly on the positions used, especially on the pg/g spot coz I don’t wanted to lose eligibility before the season ends….. I mean which guys should I start at every opportunity and which guys should I only start depending on the matchups….
      My games left atm:
      52 pg used, 30 left
      39sg used, 43 left
      53 g used, 29 left
      41 sf used, 41 left
      35 pf used, 47 left
      25 f used, 57 left
      75 c used, 89 left
      59 util used, 105 left

      this is how I managed my team;
      I used the sg spot primarily only for kobe, although I have started terry in it for a few games…..

      In the pg/g spot, I start all the time kidd & terry coz I needed the 3’s, assists. Steals, & ft%.. I only start miller & nelson if the matchups seems favorable to them… I haven’t started mo in awhile since I’m trying to conserve the games left… I used my games for this spot a lot earlier this season since the 4 pg’s I drafted(terry, kidd, miller, williams) were on fire, I also picked up mason & sessions which also contributed to my team a lot.. although I used this 2 positions so much earlier on, I don’t regret it coz it helped me move to the top spot & also helped me hold on to it…. I think I was not ranked first in this league for maybe 3 weeks only….

      In the sf spot, i used it on tayshaun since he was on fire earlier on this season, good thing though I traded him for marion right when he started his slump….. So far marion has been providing me nice production in rebounds & steals….

      in the pf spot, I’ve been using it only to Randolph up until I picked up Duncan from waivers… Duncan was a blessing coz it provided me another stud bigman in case Zach or jermaine goes down..

      In f spot, been rotating jermaine & brooks depending on matchups…..
      In the c spot, it’s a rotation between jermaine, brooks, & Bynum depending on favorable matchups….

      The util spot was probably the toughest spot I’ve been managing since I almost start everyday a guy in here.. If the matchups were favorable I start miller, nelson, or mo in here…

      Once the trade is finished I’m planning to likely start kidd at pg all the time…

      terry at sg all the time.. andre & jameer are going to split starts at g depending on matchups, although it seems andre receives the higher priority since he is on fire lately..

      josh smith receives higher priority at sf, although I’ll start marion in in depending on matchups & who’s hot atm..

      At pf/f/c, it will be Duncan & al jefferson are must starts, then likely also zach too… it will be likely a rotation between bynum, o’neal, lopez, & odom( if I don’t drop him) depending on matchups…

      So could you help me on which guys should I start all the time and which guys I should play only when the matchups are favorable… and if I play this guy on favorable games, which games: home or road games???? and also should i slow down on the games i'm starting or just keep starting guys that are on fire???


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