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    I'm here for awhile. Fire away.

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    • ray allen for marion would u do it? im giving up allen

    • Should i trade baron davis for rondo? also should i start richard jefferson and charlie villanueva tonight?

    • I'm in a 15 team, 12 cats Roto league
      Keeper league

      Jamison is one of my keepers. What is his value? i'm looking to trade him during this bad season. Any ideas who I should offer him for?


    • 10 Team league H2H. We have short benches (3 players only) to make things more interesting.

      Someone dropped Kevin Martin and I want to pick him up since he came back last night and scored 20 pts already.

      Who should I drop to pick up Martin?

      Here's my team and I included their rankings in my league:

      G: Deron Will (Projected rank 16, Current rank 150)
      G: Joe Johnson (Projected 33, Current 12)
      F: Lebron James (Projected 4, Current 1)
      F: Dirk Nowitzki (Projected 5, Current 4)
      C: M Camby (Projected 17, Current 9)
      Uti: Rudy Gay (Projected 29, Current 50)
      Bench: Ben Gordon (Projected 88, Current 31),
      David Lee (Projected 67, Current 44),
      L Aldridge (Projected 54, Current 38)

      I think it comes down to Gay, Gordon, Lee, or Aldridge. Lee is good because he's an automatic double-double every night. And Gordon & Aldridge have been doing good lately. I'm currently in 1st place and want to keep building my team. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

    • This is my team (12 team H2H standard cats)

      G- Billups
      G- D Will
      F- Lebron
      F- G Wall
      C- Howard
      Util- Mayo
      B- Stuckey
      B- Lopez
      B- Marvin Williams

      What do you think of these trades? And what are the chances of them being accepted

      Trade Lopez for Millsap
      Trade M Williams, Lopez for JO
      Trade M Williams, Lopez for Nene
      Trade Billups, M Williams, Lopez for Bosh, Nelson
      Trade Mayo, Howard for Wade, Aldrige

    • I am in a 10 stat (regular plus Oreb) 5 player keeper league and Kobe is my top keeper. I have a good squad that should compete for the championship and in addition to Kobe I have Caron Butler, Danny Granger, Steve Nash and LaMarcus Aldridge as my keepers coming in to yhis season. This year I have Maggette, Randolph, Nene, Duhon, Peja, Brad Miller and some servicable players as well.

      One guy is coming hard after Kobe. He has offered 3 of Duncan, Artest, Gerald Wallace and Jason Terry. He wants Kobe, Zach Randolph and Joe Smith as a throw in.

      I don't want to lose Kobe as in the end, my keepers wouldn't be as good, but Wallace is younger and not a terrible replacement. I am thinking of countering by replacing Randolph with Miller and this could win me the league if I can stay healthy.

      Am I crazy to trade Kobe? He has Amare, but if I went for him, the deal would probably be less favorable for this year.

      Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

    • I'm trying to limit TO's and increase on FT%, rebounds, steals, and blocks.

      Do you think Kenyon Martin and Carmelo Anthony will play well against the Raptors? They're playing at Toronto.

      Bogut has been super lately. His FT%, rebounds, and blocks has been up. But I'm kinda iffy on starting him against Yao. Those numbers may decrease because of Yao. Should I have faith on him to continue to play well, and put him in my lineup?

    • My Team Is-
      Jose Caldron, Hedo Turk, Jamal Crawford, Josh Howard, Amare Stoudemire, Hakim Warrick, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Kevin Love, Lamar Odom, Mario Chalmers, Mike James, Mike Dunleavy.....

      And someone offered me Steve Nash, Tyson Chandler, Chris Duhon for Amare Stoudemire, Lamar Odom

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      • Wow, that's tough. Both Nash and Odom are having down years. I have Duhon on my team and he's been phenomenal, but I'm worried about how long he can keep it up, especially with his back injury. I would probably make the trade if I were you because I don't think Odom will worthwhile this year so it's basically Nash/Chandler/Duhon for Stoudemire. But if you're already doing well in assists, then stay put.

    • keeper league...

      do you trade turkolu and calderon

      to get back

      tony parker, m. redd and fisher

    • ray allen/kaman for biedrins/turkoglu, i would be getting allen and kaman. do you think this is a good trade?

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