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    Help Please - Ill return the favor

    I'm currently in a 8 team H2H league and my team is sucking really bad. I was in 2nd place a few weeks ago, and now my team is just going downhill, and now im just sitting in 6th place. Throughout the season, my teams' win-loss totals look like this:

    FG%: 1-7
    FT%: 5-3
    3pt%: 5-3
    Pts: 4-4
    Rebs: 4-4
    Ast: 4-4
    Stl: 4-4
    Blocks: 2-5-1
    TO: 4-4

    What should i do to improve this team? please help. Any trade scenarios or advice is always welcome. i really need help.

    My Roster looks like this:

    PG: Chauncey Billups
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    G: Micheal Redd
    SF: Ron Artest
    PF: Al Harrington
    F: Carlos Boozer
    C: Shaquille O'Neal
    C: David Lee
    Rest of the Team: Manu Ginobli, Jameer Nelson, Marco Belinili, Jason Richardson, and Zyundraus Ilgauskas

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    • Id trade Kobe and Shaq for Dwight Howard and a solid SG,PG or SF........maybe someone like Josh Smith, Mo WIliams ???

      Find a way to get rid of Boozer...you have to trade him really low

    • how many util spots do you have?

    • ur missing a consistent SF, and u need more assists reply on mine "who won this huge trade"

    • Based on 8-Team H2H Standard 9-CAT

      I may be stating some obvious assessment but bare with me. CAT Ranking will not include % & TO..

      Strongest CAT - 3PTS
      Above Average CAT - Rebounds & Points
      Average CAT - Steals
      Weakest CAT - Assists & Blocks

      7-Guards (3-PG) - 6-Forwards - 5-Centers
      Injured Player(s) - Boozer
      Weakest Player(s) - M.Belinelli

      Priority for Improvement - Blocks - Points - Assists

      Like what you league Win-Loss shows, Blocks (& Assists) are your weakest CAT.

      Your main strength is in 3pts and even if Points & Rebounds are above average within your own roster ranking - they are actually weak for an 8-Team League.

      Boozer's injury is not helping your bid for wins - and seriously consider shopping him around if he's not back soon.

      A good target for a possible trade will be scorer-rebounder with shot blocking will go a long way in helping maintain some CATs and improve your weakness.

      A multi-player package will be the best way to get some value out of Boozer - straight up trade is not recommended unless he is back playing well again (will get low-ball offer if you try trading him now straight up).

      Shaq is another area where you can get additional improvement. Limited games (on back-to-back) and occasional DNP will hurt in the long-run especially if you are always behind in number of games played (with Boozer out).

      Since this is an 8-Team League, your FA pool should be very good. Trading Boozer & Shaq for a solid scorer - rebounder - shot blocker then picking up a good assist-oriented PG or another shot blocker from waiver will help in both games & stats.

      Another option is to replace M.Belinelli with another rebounder-shot blocker to improve blocks.

      Replace M.Belinelli with an assist-oriented PG to improve assist.

      Replace M.Belinelli with a consistent scorer (unless you think that Belinelli will maintain & improve his current scoring potential).

      You can also use M.Belinelli's spot as a daily transaction slot - do daily pickup to gain additional games until your team is fully healthy.

      If you do daily pickup - make sure you plan your pickup to CAT's you need and not random pickup that will not help win your match-up.

      Give up on CAT's that your current opponent is totally dominant and try to win the CAT's that are close or to your advantage.

      Since your team is not as strong (for an 8-Team League) - try setting an objective of trying to win at least 4 out of the 6 CATs (ignore FG%, FT% & TO).

      I hope this helps ...

    • anyone?


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