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  • Nitsuj Nitsuj Dec 12, 2008 9:36 AM Flag

    rick kamla clone will ans your fantasy question

    i have a team here that needs help. i asked pretty lots of ppl and they gave me different opinions. its a 12 team h2h. if you don mind i really hope u can offer some advice for me on this team. its in sixth.

    delonte west
    jr smith
    chauncey billups
    larry hughes
    john salmons
    lebron james
    stephen jackson
    lamar odom
    rasheed wallace
    al horford
    tim duncan
    boris diaw
    luis scola

    i am distressed over odom, jackson, diaw, rasheed and jr smith's performance. i have tried trading them away for other players but it seems pretty hard, esp for odom and diaw. maybe u can advise me on wat players i shld go for and which to keep.

    Tried: harris(odom + diaw)
    jj(s-jax + odom)
    harris + j-rich(odom + diaw + s-jax)
    redd (odom + diaw)
    andre miller (odom)

    it seems that i made s-jax value pretty high but thats wat i think of him with his assists and pts. but a horrendous fg% has made me change my mind. for odom i dunno so i based on his position in the draft and tried trading but failed. as for diaw, rasheed and smith their numbers have dropped drastically so it left me a headache to wat to do with them.

    its pretty frustrating with these players but if they weren't performing so badly i would have gladly kept them.


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