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    Ask away, and I will assist you as best as possible. Please try to be as specific as possible, and include what format league you're playing, if you're guard heavy, forward heavy, etc. etc. I will do my best!

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    • i have a team here that needs help. i asked pretty lots of ppl and they gave me different opinions. its a 12 team h2h. if you don mind i really hope u can offer some advice for me on this team. its in sixth.

      delonte west
      jr smith
      chauncey billups
      larry hughes
      john salmons
      lebron james
      stephen jackson
      lamar odom
      rasheed wallace
      al horford
      tim duncan
      boris diaw
      luis scola

      i am distressed over odom, jackson, diaw, rasheed and jr smith's performance. i have tried trading them away for other players but it seems pretty hard, esp for odom and diaw. maybe u can advise me on wat players i shld go for and which to keep.

      Tried: harris(odom + diaw)
      jj(s-jax + odom)
      harris + j-rich(odom + diaw + s-jax)
      redd (odom + diaw)
      andre miller (odom)

      it seems that i made s-jax value pretty high but thats wat i think of him with his assists and pts. but a horrendous fg% has made me change my mind. for odom i dunno so i based on his position in the draft and tried trading but failed. as for diaw, rasheed and smith their numbers have dropped drastically so it left me a headache to wat to do with them.

      its pretty frustrating with these players but if they weren't performing so badly i would have gladly kept them.

      PLS HELP!

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      • In a 8-man heads up and I need advice on what I should do.

        PG - Paul, Bibby
        SG - Ginobili, Barboso
        SF - Butler, Granger, Maggette, Josh Smith
        PF - Randolph, Harrington, Lewis
        C - Yao Ming, Bogut

        I tried trading away Randolph for a better shooting guard and had no success. Also I want a good back up assist PG and Maggette isn't performing well. So I thought of trying to trade Randolph and Josh Smith for Billups and Hamilton. The other guy needs rebounds and points I need help on my front court. What do you think am I getting a bad deal? Of course I'm giving away alot but still I have Harrington who is improving since coming back.

    • I am in a 12 team head to head with well balanced team but want to drop Marquis Daniels and pick up Westbrook. Smart move??

    • in my other league i just traded my carmelo anthony and tj ford for amare stoudamire...and i need to get a player from FA..who should i add..im down with those cat. blks FG%,3PT%

      here are the available players

      sam dalembert
      raymond felton
      jameer nelson
      gilbert arenas
      chris duhon
      monta ellis
      rudy fernandez
      spencer hawes
      wilson chandler
      andrea bargnani
      brook lopez

    • my current team isnt doing too well

      i have

      thad young
      marvin williams
      zach randolph
      r. westbrook
      al harrington
      and monta ellis.

      is it a good trade to give thad young and marvin williams for kaman and raymond felton?

      and im considering to drop nesterovic for randy foye.

      would these transactions benefit my team?

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      • I would not even think about that trade, as Kaman is apparently going to be out for a little while longer. No dice! Randy Foye is a good pick up and I would recommend him over Nesterovic, however it does appear you still need help at the C. This is where I recommend widely-available FAs such as Kevin Love, Matt Bonner to help your team out. The reason your team is doing poorly is because of the injuries on your team, look to trade McGrady high within the next couple of weeks while you still can, dude just can't stay healthy. Target a mid-round C if you could such as Troy Murphy, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, or even getting Tyson Chandler while he's still slumping. You may also want a quality PG on your team so you may want to target that as well as you do already have Duncan in the C spot, however with Monta Ellis coming back, you may get the help you need there, but I would play it safe and look for a Rajon Rondo, Mike Bibby or Tony Parker in exchange for either McGrady or Maggette.

      • I'm done after this one, I'll get back to this in just a minute!

    • 10 team, H2H, 9 category

      Should I trade B.Davis and Beasley for Brand. I'm doing bad in FG, FT, good in points, near last in boards, top 3 in assists and steals, mid blocks.
      If trade is a go, who should I pick up from FA. Choices are:
      Barbosa, Jamario Moon, Kev Love, Dunleavy, Sessions, Villanueva, Raja Bell, Diaw, Stuckey

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      • Target Kevin Love as a pickup. He's had some pretty good games with double digit rebounding lately. Obtaining Brand does nothing for your FT% but keep it low, it may boost your FG% but not do much else so I would not think about that trade. I would target a good FT% shooting big man like Pau or Bosh in this scenario so look to trade for either of those guys. Don't pick up Dunleavy, there is no indication he will come back anytime soon. You definitely don't need PG help if you're solid on AST and STL, look for Charlie V in the FA pool as well to help your team out.

    • hi its me again. i have another team playing 12 team roto league. my team looks pretty weird but i dunno where. maybe u can help. i am like fifth.

      steve nash
      grant hill
      jameer nelson
      peja stojakovic
      udonis haslem
      andre iguodala
      shaquille oneal
      tyson chandler
      kevin garnett
      mario chalmers
      wilson chandler
      michael redd
      mehmet okur

      for myself i dunno whether to trade wilson redd and hill as they are too inconsistent. am i right? or is there any other aspects i need to improve on?

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      • I think you need big man help the most in this scenario. Grant Hill's play has been inconsistent as of late, I would drop him and look to pick up a potent big man with strong upside who will assist in the REB, STL, BLK categories. Kevin Love, Matt Bonner, Varejao, McGee or Blatche should be your targets. Tyson Chandler appears to be picking it up, keep with him. I would probably see if you could also move Redd for a middle round big man, Troy Murphy, Zach Randolph would be your targets here. Keep Wilson Chandler, he has pretty good upside for a NYK team that is only playing seven guys a night.

    • Someone dropped Oden, should I use my waiver #5 priority for him? If so, who? I'm in a very competitive 16-team 9-cat roto league and I'm currently 12th - very bad in FG%, STL and TO

      PG - Mo Williams, Luke Ridnour
      SG - Corey Maggette, Ben Gordon, Leandro Barbosa
      SF - Carmelo Anthony, Richard Jefferson
      PF - Shawn Marion, Jeff Green
      C - Tim Duncan, Kendrick Perkins

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      • You definitely need to improve your Guard corps, I would start at PG. Try moving to acquire Rajon Rondo or Jameer Nelson, both great guards with high FG% and steal numbers. Move Corey Maggette, who doesn't do much other than score for one of those two guys. Joel Pryzbilla is a great wonder for FG%, REB and BLK with low TOs but not much else. I would maybe look at moving Barbosa for a late round forward.. Lamar Odom would be your top look in this situation. Varejao or Kenyon Martin are good looks here.

    • should i drop yi, or beasley for diaw...

      heres the team

      B. Roy
      Delonte West
      al thornton
      andre miller
      jameer nelson
      J. Ho

      12 team h2h

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      • I would probably drop beasley for diaw in this scenario. As a previous poster inquired, I don't think that Diaw will be any better than he was this year for Phoenix as they employ basically the same system, with not much fastbreak opportunites or times for Diaw to exploit matchups in the run and gun system D'Antoni did when Diaw had his big year. Pick him up at your own risk, but I don't think you can expect much from him, especially considering how he'll probably looked at as the 4th or even 5th scoring option, behind Wallace, Okafor, Augustin and possibly Sean May or even their abundance of SG/SF's (Carroll, Morrison.)

    • Hi,

      Im in a 12-man roto league, currently rank number 2. Very low in FT and TO, mid-level in steals and points, and low in 3 points,. I dominate in FG, BLOCKS, and assists..

      my team is

      PG - Kidd, Andre Miller, DJ Augustin
      SG - Durant, OJ Mayo, Mike Miller
      F - Tayshaun and Wilson Chandler
      C - Amare and Dwight

      bench - Arenas, Felton, Marc Gasol

      recently i made two trades

      1) i traded ANDRE MILLER to get MO WILLIAMS

      2) i traded my FELTON & MARC GASOL to get BRAD MILLER

      could you give me your analysis?



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      • See if you can move Tayshaun for Peja or even pick up a guy like Kapono who has tremendous upside right now with the new coach. He looks like he's going to be getting some minutes. I never condone having an injured guy on your team for Roto, however it appears you are willing to roll the dice with Agent Zero. Injuries hurt more in roto than they do H2H. Also, move Jason Kidd, he is only making your FT% drop even more. Try a package deal like J-Kidd and Tayshaun for Rashard Lewis. You could also try J-Kidd for Mike Bibby, Joe Johnson or even Ray Allen as they give you boosts in PTS, AST and 3PTM while shooting a better FT% than Kidd.

        The Felton and Marc Gasol trade was pure gold and acquiring Mo Williams was a really good move for your team makeup to help you improve in your lower categories.

    • this is my team 12 team h2h. i am doing pretty well.

      joe johnson
      brandon roy
      vince carter
      al thornton
      jermaine oneal
      lamarcus aldridge
      chris bosh
      zydrunas ilgauskas
      rudy fernandez
      derrick rose
      luke ridnour
      thaddeus young
      shane battier

      i was wondering to drop young or trade him. any suggestions??

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      • He's got some trade value, however it would be for a late round pick or even a mid round guy who is slumping right now. In one of my leagues, a trade went Thad Young for Sammy Dalembert. You may want to look at probably getting a PF with a focus on rebounding, somebody like Drew Gooden, Luis Scola or Spencer Hawes. You seem to have the other categories on lock down, but rebounding you can get some help in.

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