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  • Robert G Robert G Dec 12, 2008 4:51 AM Flag

    Fantasy Expert: Ask Me Your Questions!

    I think you could get more than Camby, however not knowing who your other big men are, I would probably take this deal if you were looking at getting defensive help in your steals and blocks CATS. Ron-Ron comes with a low FG% while Camby's is pretty high, so those will even out. You are losing out on some points though, however I don't think it would have that much of a negative effect on your team. I think this trade would work out in your favor if you're looking at improving your blocks and steals CATS.

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    • manu or salmons?

    • here to make things more clear and specific, heres my team:
      joe johnson
      john salmons
      devin harris
      yao ming
      david west
      luo deng
      tim thomas
      roger mason
      erick dampier
      spencer hawes
      mo williams
      fransisco garcia
      (another free agent to be added)

      so my team is short in big man right now cuz i just traded away okafor and ridnour for harris. and my team is really strong in pts, but i definetly need more rebounds and blks. so can u give me some suggestions of trades i can make to help me in blks and rebounds?

      and can u tell me who i should add from the free agents for my team? the best avaible free agents are : nate robinson, c j watson, earl watson, martel webster, kirk hinrich, nick collison, hakim warrick, and chris andersen (blks)

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      • If you're looking at picking up a big man, see if you can now swing Devin Harris for Dwight Howard either straight up or add a waiver wire big man, like Kevin Love or Kendrick Perkins. Devin Harris' value and D12's value are almost the same but depending on the kinda league you're in (whether public or with friends) they may veto this trade. I don't usually condone moving superstars until you are absolutely forced to do so, in this scenario, move your other big names first and see if you can get results before moving your top guy so in this case, see if you can swing Devin for D12. I would also look at picking up Nick Collison, Chris Wilcox just went down with an injury and will be missing a good amount of time so look at Collison's numbers to improve. He also had a great night a couple of games ago. Pick up Nate as well, he's going to be contributing heavily to a depleted NYK team and should return shortly.