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  • Joel Joel Dec 9, 2008 5:35 PM Flag

    Just traded off my ENTIRE TEAM. Good moves or did I panic?

    I'm in an 18-man H2H league, and after 6 weeks i'm 18-29-1 and in second-to-last place. this is our league's fifth year and i'e always been one of the top managers, so i decided to shae things up a bit. but now i think i might have gotten carried away. haha

    my team originally:
    PG Felton
    SG Wade
    G Rafer
    SF Gay
    PF AK47
    F K-Mart
    C Jermaine
    C Chandler

    Rasual Butler
    Jeff Foster
    Jarvis Hayes
    Carl Landry
    Von Wafer

    done deals:
    Gay, Felton and Landry for Iggy, Okur and Steve Blake
    Chandler for Beasley

    Offered deals:
    AK47 and Rafer for Calderon and Haslem
    K-MArt, Jermaine, Jarvis and Wafer for Hawes, Stuckey Chalmers and Yi

    Possible new team:
    PG Calderon
    SG Wade
    G Chalmers
    SF Iggy
    PF Haslem
    F Beasley
    C Okur
    C Hawes

    Chairman Yi
    Rasual Butler
    Jeff Foster

    is this an upgrade? i feel like its more consistent as a group. did i win those trades? should i just cancel those offered trades and stand pat where i am? should i have just stuck with my team and waited for chandler, felton and gay to hit their strides?

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