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  • Tyler D Tyler D Dec 6, 2008 1:47 PM Flag

    why does tyson chandler suck?

    I just dropped him because Dalembert was on the waiver wire, but I still feel bad about it.

    How is my team? 10 team h2h. Would you have dropped someone different?

    Rajon Rondo
    John Salmons
    Andre Miller
    Andre Iguodala
    Mehmet Okur
    Lebron James
    Zydrunas Ilgauskas
    Kenyon Martin
    Samuel Dalembert
    Danny Granger
    David Lee
    Ron Artest
    Andrew Bogut

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    • yea chandler would be a better choice with chris paul.

      btw how did u get granger and lebron together?? wow...

    • Last year, Chandler, while not a prolific scorer, was monsterous on the boards, averaging almost 14 a game. Providing you had two scoring centers, or perhaps a combination of a scoring power forward and center, Chandler was an excellent third starting option to cover the rebounds lost by the other two.

      However, because Chandler was such a force on the boards, and not proficient anywhere else, scouts and teams have learned to try and box him out from the paint when the long ball goes up. This is why he "sucks" now. One dimensional players may help an actual NBA team, but are disasterous in the fantasy leagues (ala Ben Wallace).

      I agree with the other poster, you won't get much better with Dalembert, as most of the Philly offense is geared around either Williams or Iguodala and getting out of the way. Jason Thompson is available in most leagues as he came out with a force, but has dwindled since, but he may become self-motivated again soon.

      As far as your lineup is concerned, I would drop one of those forwards for another point guard to help you with 3s and assists. Bogut seems the best person to part with in your lineup. K-Mart is going to be up and down all season, but Bogut will remain steady at being sub-par, when he's not hurt. Most leagues still have Steve Blake or DJ Augustin available (people are dropping Augustin after two bad games thinking he's fallen out of favor with the fickle Larry Brown, but Augustin has the skills to work his way back into Brown's good graces). Stay away from Roger Mason whom might be at the top of the stats world as an available guard, but Parker and Ginobili are back, which has destined Mason back to the bench and maybe 15 minutes a game. Based on his performance with those two out, some team might really give him a look in the near future.

      Inside scoop: see if Monta Ellis is available and pick him up and sit on him until his suspension is over later this month. He's pretty much already declared himself healthy enough to play.

      You also have too many Philly players in your team. Someone can get the jump on you early in the week, or a week that Philly only plays twice in seven days, and you'll never be able to catch up.

    • Dalembert is just as bad. Actually Tyson Chandler is a little better.


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