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  • ballstein ballstein Dec 6, 2008 4:30 AM Flag

    Is this a fair trade?

    sure even parker for iguodala would be pretty fair, barbosa belongs on the waivers.

    parker has better: fg%, ft%, points, assists
    iguodala has better: boards, stls, blks
    about the same: TO

    personally i would stick with tony unless you believe in iguodala getting better.

    tony is going to be sick this year simply because popovich needs him to be, nobody on the spurs can score besides their big 3 so tony will have to come up huge at the PG spot.

    iguodala, he'll get better, but his J still sucks and philly has alot more options now, andre miller is looking to get his points, young jacks it up when he gets it, brand will get his share, so yeah

    i wouldn't do it, unless you believe in an iguodala revival


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