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  • Stephen Stephen Dec 9, 2008 10:25 PM Flag

    Anybody need help? Ask Me.

    Well, what catagories are you struggling with. If you need rebounds, FG% and threes, I like Bogut and Lewis. Otherwise, I like Richardson and Marion.

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    • 1) It was Bynum, not Bogut
      2) The second team doesn't win in FG%... Lewis is stuck around .420 right now, whereas Richardson's at .441 and Marion around .462. You can't say that it wins in FG% because it has to be comparative by position, unless his team is all UTIL spots. Bynum's FG% is slightly above average for his position and Lewis' is horrible for SF/PF, while Richardson's FG% is average and Marion's is much better than Lewis at the same position.


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