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  • Macheww Macheww Dec 3, 2008 1:12 PM Flag

    How many trades have you made?

    I like the idea of altering my team so its just right - getting role players to compliment my core guys, working on my weaknesses, and maybe even trading away my core guys to add more depth.

    However, in both of my public leagues there have been NO TRADES. I've offered plenty of trade but it seems like no one bites and its not like I'm offering lopsided trades either. What do you guys do to make them bite? Do you add a message with your reasoning for the trade and how it'll benefit both sides? Or just hit them with an endless amount of trade offers until they do accept? Haha.

    Thoughts on the issue and ways to get them bite are appreciated. Happy Fantasy Basket-ballin!

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    • I started playing fantasy ball last year. I've struggled to get offers that make sense or have balance. Most people seem to try to rip other people off and that makes it a waste of time.

      I tend to focus on drafting a balanced team initially, then keep an eye on the free agent and waivers market as the season progresses.

      You're right though, I think outlined how a trade helps both people in the description is the best move. I also think people need to be more polite in the descriptions when turning trades down - bad experiences mean less offers I'm sure.

    • Definitely agree - people are always trying to make lopsided trades. Sucky. Any other thoughts?

    • You've run into the dilemma of fantasy basketball. Private leagues seem to have more active owners where people consider trades, BUT there is the risk that you'll end up with shady people or owners that know each other and collude.

      Public leagues are all randomly assigned so they're more "fair" but you often end up with people who simply abandon their teams and don't respond to trades.

      If your trades are being REJECTED, then I wouldn't flood the guy with proposals, but I WOULD include notes or even a separate email trying to sell him on the deal - tell him how it helps his team, and don't oversell your guy or he'll think it's BS.

      If your trades are just being IGNORED, then you can try flooding the guy with proposals, but that might piss him off.

      All I can suggest is to try and be active, get conversations going on the message boards, and see if you can get people involved more in the league.


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