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  • Whitten Whitten Dec 1, 2008 12:50 AM Flag

    Who Wins?

    Devin Harris and Al Horford


    Josh Smith and David Lee

    12 teams h2h no percentages or turnovers


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    • Smith has been injured for a month and will continue to miss another 4-5 more days. Although he came off the blocks with a very strong defensive start he really hasn't played a lot of games to demonstrate how well he'll perform this season, but I suspect his numbers will go down (see below)

      David Lee has had an average start and if it weren't for the trade of Zack Randolph to the clippers he'd still be a second tier big man. He is starting now and getting good play & stats but word is D'Antoni isn't satisfied with him even with his monster performances the last few games - 37pts 21 boards vs Golden State , but take that with a grain of salt because of their poor defense and reliance on small players - and D'Antoni has stated he'd like to start Jared Jeffries once he is ready for action (very soon) which would mean less minutes for Lee. Lee also has a minor bone spur injury which has negatively affected his play some but not enough to sideline him, however it could develop into something serious that would. Not a safe bet at this point

      On the other end Harris is having a monster year, his best yet, and that isn't looking to change anytime soon with how dependent the Nets are on him, His stats will probably remain high which is very good news for Harris owners.

      Horford has had a dissapointing and slow start but he is finallly finding his groove offensively and things are looking up for him. With Smith returning this week he could go back to a more utility role, but if this week is any indication I expect horford to cut into Smiths numbers so that each begin to more closely reflect their Yahoo ranks (Horford up, Smith down) which is also good news for Horford owners.

      Overall the harris/horford combo is a better deal so you should keep those players

    • i'd probably go with josh smith and david lee.

      the knock on smith has always been his low fg% and high TO's, and if you're not counting those it'd be hard to say no. In a normal format i'd know who i'd take in this trade, but this is an unfamiliar format for me,