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  • rele rele Nov 20, 2008 1:14 PM Flag

    NEED HELP! I'm starting to lose! TNX!

    I'm starting to lose, could you please give me some advice on trading. What on this team do i need to improve on? What are the weaknesses of this team? Thank you.

    Here's my team:

    PG Jason Kidd
    PG, SG Ramon Sessions
    SG Ben Gordon
    SG, SF Michael Redd
    SG, SF Nick Young
    SF Lebron James
    SF, PF Hakim Warrick
    PF, C Zach Randolph
    PF, C Drew Gooden
    PF, C Brook Lopez
    C Samuel Dalembert
    C Shaquille O' Neal
    C Yao Ming

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    • i would consider scanning the wire for replacements for warrick, lopez, sessions and young. they are all just alright, but you need to find a core group of guys who will dominate 4 or 5 categories. i hate shaq, and i would try to trade him with kidd or gordon.

    • Im all about my BILLS like buffalo Im all about my BILLS like buffalo Nov 20, 2008 1:43 PM Flag

      u need to trade jason kidd n michael redd
      kidd cant score n redd might b out for a while
      u need scoring 4rom both of them n they're not giving u that
      kidd cant shooot but he does give u everythingelse u need

    • My advice would be to re-arrange your team through free agents and trades to totally dominate 4 or 5 categories, and basically give the others away. Go with the bug guys, only carry the smallest amount of guards you can without losing out on people playing every day, Then make sure that the few guards you have have really high 3PT%, like Kyle Korver, for example. A team mostly of bigs will give you a huge advantage in REB, FG%, Blocks,every week, plus with the team you have, Redd,Yao, Randolph and LeBron alone will keep you even with pretty much every team for points. Redd and LeBron from week to hot week will give you an fighting chance to be competitive in steals.

      I would say try to package Kidd and Gordon for a big time scorer rebounder, Bosh, Boozer, KG, Dwight.. and then pick up the best 3 shooting point guard you can find on the free agents, regardless of what his other stats are.

    • head to head

    • What kinda league are you in ? Rotisserie or head to head ?


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