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  • s1xthman s1xthman Nov 4, 2008 2:18 AM Flag

    Drop who for M Gasol?

    What do you guys think...H2H league...roster:

    J O'Neal
    G. Wallace

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    • barnes is the least valuable...but if you need him there to fill up your SF..i'd say you drop sessions

    • Drop foye, your guards are solid and foye is the odd man out. Keep barnes he could be really good, and if hes a bust, you can easily find a replacement.

    • I would not drop sessions right now. Luke Rid is injured, like always, and therefore he becomes the starting point guard automatically. Hes also the only point guard the bucks are going to use for serious time, (Tyron Lue will pick up garbage minutes).

      I'd say drop Foye or Barnes

    • I wouldn't drop anybody. Barnes is the weakest player on your roster, but without him you'll be hurting in 3's. Also, it appears you have boards and blocks on lock, judging by big men and Gerald will only improve in blocks.

      Don't drop Sessions - that guy is awesome - averaging 8.5 assists. If you have to have Gasol, drop Barnes.

    • I would drop either Sessions or Barnes -

      Sessions is a speculative bet at best - unless named starter probably won't even see PT (just like the first two games). If he actually play (even as a backup to Ridnour) on Wednesday, he might be worth a spot on your bench. If he doesn't play - the you know that there is something wrong between Sessions and Management.

      Barnes is more serviceable than Sessions since Barnes is a starter (will be inconsistent with his production)...

    • barnes or randalph. randolph doesnt play any D he only gets points rebounds and a lot of turnovers....

    • Gasol will be solid tonight was not a fluke but a career night Barnes is the least valuable

    • of course you drop sessions. why do you even have to think?

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      • I guess I am hesitant to drop Sessions because I am hoping Skiles will pull his head out of his ass sometime in the near future, and putt Sessions in the starting lineup. Ridnour probably won't put up a line close to Sessions' last game all year...I know it's more about chemistry on the team than individual stats, but the Bucs need to realize that they aren't contending for anything and need to focus on developing their talent.

    • If anybody, drop Barnes. But you got to remember that Gasol put up his 27, 16 & 3 against the Warriors. Every Center in the league puts up those numbers against Golden State! Sure he will be decent throughout the year, but don't just look at the G.S. game and decide he will be the greatest player on your waiver board!

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      • I agree that his numbers were definitely inflated against a small Golden State lineup, but 27 and 16 with 3 blocks is big even against them. I also like the idea of Gasol emerging as the number 2 option in Memphis...an idea that the team should definitely explore further. It's a hard choice for me between Barnes, Foye and Hinrich because they all have 3pt potential. I also lean towards Barnes, because of his lack of assists, but think he will put up good numbers once he figures out his role in Phoenix. It is also tempting to drop Sessions with Ridnour slated to come back, but I guess I'm hoping Skiles will give him the minutes everyone on this message board would based on what he's seen so far. I've even thought of dropping Odom.


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