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  • wisegeeks wisegeeks Nov 2, 2008 10:12 AM Flag

    HELP! champ in BIG trouble!!!!

    I kinda realize now that I totally flunked the draft. I was the champ last year and I'm now 14 of 16 early this season (3rd most number of games also). Am I just having a bad luck or do I need to make serious changes right now? Experts out there, please advice!

    Mo Williams - still getting along with the Cavs?
    Ramon Sessions
    Mario Chalmers - off the FA also for Radmanovic
    Corey Maggette - his FG% and TO is killing me; but FT% very nice, I think he's just gonna get better
    Ben Gordon - contract year
    Melo - just a game back, AST and 3PM was nice. but FG% and TO was scary. But okay, there wouldn't be any worst line for him than this.
    RJ - woooooowwww!! he's not finding the range! 13 of 40??? But then again, he should only get better?
    Q-Rich - picked him up for Luke Ridnour
    Marion - STL and BLK are okay. But PTS and REB are below expectations.
    Tim Duncan - no BLK yet
    Kendrick Perkins - plainly disgusting

    1) Trade RJ, but it's not a good time to sell him right now?
    2) Ben Gordon for Rudy Fernandez, if you see Rudy play you know he's not up to his full talent yet, but scoring in double-digits in first 3 games... what do you think?
    3) I'm very bad in FG% and TOs right now, so I want to move one my SFs and go take a big guy, Marion for Gasol?

    Help please!!

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    • You didn't specity your league format (roto, H2H).

      Anyway, here's my take:
      1) I agree that trading RJ now would be selling low on him.
      2) Sounds good if you can swing it, Ben is struggling to find both PT and shots in that Chicago backcourt.
      3) I would try to trade RJ once he puts together a string of good games, for someone like David Lee, or Okafor.

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      • Thanks man! Yah, I forgot to put it.. I'm in a 16-team 9-cat roto league... currently 14 of 16 tsk tsk!!

        Hm, so you also agree with me trading Ben Gordon for Rudy huh? Anyone else out there who can comment about this?

        Thanks for the David Lee and Okafor input, would target 'em when RJ gets it going.


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