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  • Golden Globes Golden Globes Oct 28, 2008 4:35 PM Flag

    reply me, i reply you

    My first year playing fantasy so pick and choose the advice given...
    ur roster seems deep enough to make key trades to get u to a top 3 team... with that said
    U seem to have too many guards on ur roster which will make you have alot of turnovers high and someone said earlier - guards that are just so-so in assist. your 2 bigs howard and perking both have a bad FT percentage that can ruin that category for you...
    My suggest would be to try trade dwight howard + a guard (tony parker, ray allen, gilbert arenas) for a higher FT percentage center like yao, amare, or horford and also squeezing in someone like rondo and possibly deron williams. if u have rondo + wade - you should win in steals against the majority.


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