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  • C C Oct 26, 2008 8:25 PM Flag

    3 to 3 Player Trade

    the season hasnt even started yet. no need to make this trade. jefferson is the best player on the board and not worth giving up, not even for lewis. decent SF and SG will always pop up on waivers at some time during the season. good big men and PG are much harder to come by. if you're smart u will keep jefferson

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    • this is the reason why i posted here as I dont really want to give up jefferson, but given that i already got dwight as my main C and I will be getting shard for 3s (which my team needs) and dalembert for blks, and then i get to get rid of monta which will be inavtive aybe till early next year.

      so what do you think?

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      • well if u have howard that changes everything. having him means you are going to get killed in FT%, so having lewis will help level that off to some degree. his FT% is more important then his 3's in your situation. if you dont make this trade i hope u have at least 3 players on your team that average close to 90% from the line and shoot at least 4 free throws per game. you have to remember it's not just about FT%, but also FT attempts. howards averages alot of attempts, and unless u have enough players shooting high percentages to level that off, you will lose in that catagory every week