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  • Lakers Fan Lakers Fan Oct 26, 2008 10:14 AM Flag

    Good trade for me?

    Standard 8-cat scoring, 12 team league.....

    My team now:
    A Miller
    D Wade
    K Hinrich
    A Jamison
    R Davis
    D Howard
    Z Randolph
    S Dalembert
    B Udrih
    L Ridnour
    U Haslem
    J Posey

    With my PF's not being real adept at blocking shots, I was kind of thinking about picking up another shot blocker.

    I give: Pierce/Haslem
    I get: Anthony/Okafor

    If it happens, I lose about 25% in FT% because of Okafor. I also lose a lot of 3's and assists. I gain a lot of rebounds and blocks. And I pick up a nice boost to the FG%.

    One other caveat....if I get Anthony, I can very likely package him with A Miller and pick up Chris Paul and another player in a separate deal (guy in my league has a huge hard on for both Anthony and Miller).

    Is the deal a good one for me?

    Thanks for any responses.

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