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  • Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Oct 21, 2008 1:32 AM Flag

    Unfair Trade???

    Two managers just traded the following players:

    Team A Gets:

    Chris Paul (NO - PG)
    Andrew Bogut (Mil - C)
    Jason Kapono (Tor - SG,SF)

    Team B Gets:

    Chauncey Billups (Det - PG)
    Vince Carter (NJ - SG,SF)
    Amare StoudemireINJ (Pho - PF,C)

    I protested and tried to veto but the trade went through anyways. I sent a message to the league and one of the players involved (Team B) said basically no one has a right to protest this early in the season. Here's what he/she said:

    "Besides, who are any of us to impose our idea of player value and team makeup value on another GM? Especially at this point before the season where performance is just speculation, and the possibility of injury is likewise a speculative factor (Stoudemire has already been injured twice this preseason).

    Look, the man (or lady, if that's the case) wanted his team's namesake and got the consensus number 1 overall Y! player in the process. Chris Paul is a stats monster. Totally the lynchpin to the successful teams I fielded and saw fielded last year. For now, I am satisfied with the compensation we worked out... ask me again at mid-season if Amare is hobbled by a dozen injuries, or if Chauncey finally finds his way to the old age home, or if VC sulks his way through another campaign.

    What do you think?

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