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  • Sean O Sean O Oct 21, 2008 1:40 AM Flag

    Unfair Trade???

    i dont see the harm in that trade CP3 is a great play but so is Amare so there it is even because they will both dominate in separate parts but the rest of the people are just fillers and make the trade better it could be stacked one way

    i agree with the reply to u it could of been nicer but i say he is right they both agree on it and the Commish didnt decline the trade/ or the league didnt so just play the game and set ur team up to beat them so they regret it

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    • I agree w/ you. CP3 and Amare have equal value b/c they are both respectively top picks. However, Billups was a 2nd round pick and VC was a 4th. Instead of trading equal value (but w/ different stats) the other team gave 1st, 7th, and 13th round picks.

      Kapono can be called a filler, I wouldn't consider Billups and VC fillers, but that's just me.


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