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  • Ginger Kid Ginger Kid Oct 18, 2008 1:36 AM Flag

    Rate team - stay put or pursue trades?

    10 team H2H - 9 cats w/ftm, A/T, each week is win/loss/tie regardless of margin

    PG: Chris Paul
    SG: Kevin Martin
    G: TJ Ford
    G: Corey Maggette
    SF: Josh Smith
    PF: Elton Brand
    F: David Lee
    F: Jermaine Oneal
    C: Pau Gasol
    C: Andrew Bynum
    BE: Marvin Williams
    BE: Mike Conley
    BE: Ray Felton

    I'm commissioner of my league, so I'm not going to pursue lopsided trades. I have made one trade - JR Smith and Travis Outlaw for David Lee - and picked up Mike Conley as a FA.

    Pts: Nobody expected to average less than double digits - no Kobe or Lebron, but top-to-bottom quality.
    FG%: My non-CP3 PGs aren't great, but everyone else is good to great.
    Ftm: I expect to totally dominate this category. Maybe undefeated.
    Reb: All the F's and C's are strong here, and CP3 and Maggette are good for guards.
    Ast: Almost totally dependent on my PGs here, but they make up for poor FG% with strong assist totals, plus there's CP3.
    A/T: Oneal, Smith, and Maggette are all somewhat damaging. Probably middle of the pack?
    Stl: CP3 ~ 160, J-Smoove, Felton and Ford ~100, everyone else contributing.
    Blk: Smith, Brand, Bynum, Gasol, O'neal, and little else. But that's maybe 10 blocks/game between those 5.
    3pm: Punt.

    Am I being overly optimistic or explaining away legitimate flaws?

    Are there any players who look like a bad fit and who could probably be traded for a guy who's a better fit?

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    • Crunched some numbers - used last year's stats except for Brand and O'neal (used 06-07 as the health level I'm guessing for them). There should be some sort of balance between that kind of optimism and assuming that nobody improves from last year.


      Weighted FG%: 48.9
      FTM: 4.17
      3PM: .46
      REB: 6.26
      AST: 3.92
      A/T: 1.8
      STL: 1.04
      BLK: .97
      PTS: 16.72

      Average actual draft position: 63.9

      Average current Y! O-rank: 55.2

    • Wow, fantastic first three picks with Paul, JSmoove, Brand there. Nice upside picks with Martin and Bynum as well. If I were you I would try to solidify some of your average areas (perhaps lump O'Neal with someone to pick up a more efficient big, like Bogut). Definitely a solid team all-around with good peripherals except for the 3PT punt.


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