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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 13, 2008 6:35 PM Flag

    Just traded my Kobe for Bosh & B. Davis

    I too am a Huge Lakers fan so i would never trade Kobe lol. I Would Fly or Die with him on my team.

    But when you get realistic about it, i think it was a good trade.

    When you break it down.

    Bosh and Baron should gather more combined points than Kobe and Love, they should also gather more Rebounds and assists.

    Plus i think Kobe might have a down year as long as the whole Laker team stays healthy.

    Not really a "down year" but i only see him avg 25 points and his usuall 6 and 6 for Boards and assists

    one thing you will lose on though is probably steals and maybe shooting %

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    • %s you prob lose on but steals um no.

    • I got Kobe on my other team that's why it's a little easier to take, but with Beno Udrih as my only PG (hate autodrafting) I had to make a choice to stay with Kobe or get better. He's got Bosh as his other best player besides Davis (ok Dwayne Wade is but I don't like injury prone players) so I want both and I can only get both if I give up Kobe. Still can't believe I traded away my favorite player in the NBA but I want to win lol.


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