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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 2, 2008 12:52 AM Flag

    ridnour, daniels, sessions

    any word on any of these guys for the season? depth chart has ridnour starting for bucks and sessions as the 3rd string. but people are dropping luke and drafting sessions--any word there?

    also, daniels is listed as the backup sg for wizards. does he move to starter for the wizards while arenas is hurt?

    if any knowledgeable people out there know the answers to these questions--help me out---plz!

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    • id go with daniels. wit arenas out, he was solid at pg. as for timeshare b/t ridnour and sessions, id go w/ ridnour. hes done pretty well in time shares, and sessions is getting overrated for his late season play...does herrmann ring a bell?

    • well daniels will start at pg, thats fairly confirmed

      sessions & ridnour is interesting, sessions finished last year so well whilst ridnour was injured (in seattle) + traded, I assume people think sessions will just keep playing as well as he did last year. If he does, he will start.

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      • that is a good response. i did not even bring up tyronne lue--listed as the backup but i cannot believe they wont start sessions. he finished with calderon-type assist numbers. i mean if the raptors traded away ford to let calderon start i think your guess is right that sessions will eventually get that spot bc neither lue or ridnour ever looked as good as sessions did to end the season. thanks


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