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  • ted-w ted-w Apr 15, 2008 3:39 AM Flag


    if you read the posts enough you will learn that Brandon K is just ignorant and doesn't even realize it.. no doubt in my mind he would cheat all he could all the while having one hand on his pud and the other typing his junk..
    I like your post on the Cheaters..
    I started with football league 2 years ago asking Yahoo to come up with a player rating system maybe similar to what Ebay has ..at the end of each sports season the leagues members would rate the other members of the league and rate the commish.. It would not ever be perfect but would give some indication on the type of players in a league and the commish so we could get out before a draft if there was a lot of bad ranked members or bad ranked commish..
    I just keep emailing Yahoo on it and maybe..someday..hopefully..lol



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