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  • Milo Milo Mar 12, 2008 9:46 AM Flag

    Trade Blocking

    My league is currently having issues over a matter of whether a trade is block-worthy. I'd like some feedback on whether you think this trade is fair or whether you'd vote to block it. Please consider the pros and cons carefully.


    Howard gives 21+ pts, 14+ rbd, 1.5 ast, 1 stl, 2.4 blk, 3.2 TO, .607 FG%, .598 FT%, and no 3pt.

    Battier gives 9+ pts, 5 rbd, 2 ast, 1 stl, 1.2 blk, 1 TO, .437 FG%, .714 FT%, and 1.8 3pt.

    Their Yahoo ranks are 54 (HOWARD) and 58 (BATTIER). Would you block the trade?

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    • This looks like there might be collusion, but this trade is not worthy of a veto if there are legitimate reasons for the trade.

      The bottom line is: if Battier makes his team better, then the trade is fair. If he needs to win FT% and TO and he is already set in boards, pts, and blocks then this trade makes perfect sense.

      Battier is an excellent all around player, he just doesn't have any one flashy stat. Many teams would probably be better off with him than many better known players. DHoward will cost you the FT% category and is also terrible with his TOs, offers no assists, and no three pointers. Battier doesn't turn the ball over, hits almost 2 threes per game, and has been playing much better since Yao got injured.

      ANYONE that says this trade should be vetoed without a second thought is abusing that veto power and is also a huge whining vag. The veto is there to protect the league from cheaters/collusion. If this case doesn't involve either, then it should be left alone.

    • ok really dood, the rankings are preseason....do you really think that DHow is ranked 54th? he is atleast a top 10 player. Get real, battier doesnt even average 10 points a game on the NBA hottest team. he is crap. this isnt a fair trade and you know it. GET REAL!!!!

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      • Wow, I wish you were in my league. Anyone that believes DHoward is a top ten player has NO F'ING IDEA how to play fantasy basketball or what creates fantasy value. Just so you know, over the last month Howard is ranked 55th and Battier has risen to 42nd. There are more categories than rebounds and blocks -- try using those in you logic before spouting off some idiotic commentary about how awesome Howard is.

        If I needed boards and blocks more than anything else I would consider Howard. Other than that, he'll hurt more than he helps -- there are plenty of guys that score 18-20 points that I would rather have over him.

      • That's NOT preseason ranks, dood.....
        Howard is currently ranked #56 in season ave. year to date, and Battier is #57 in season ave. year to date, (Yahoo public leagues) Look it up, dood.

    • FAIR TRADE - there's a reason why winners of their leagues base their trades on Yahoo rankings! And LOSERS always pick players they like watching on TV. ie Shaq (of the past), Dwight, etc.... Battier despite being unspectacular doesn't do anything badly and most things well especially low turnovers.

    • I wouldn't blcok the trade.. bc dwight howard ft percentage is one of the more negatively affecting ones in fantasy. becaseu he goes to the line pretty frequently so he can easily destroy an overall good free throw fantasy teams free throw percentage just like kobe shoots the most ft/game and can have a very positive affect on free throws. check the guy who is getting rid of dwight howard rebound wins and block shots. if he is still losing those even though he has howard he prob figures fuck it i don't need him bc im still losing blocks and rebounds. also his turnovers are very high in comparison to shane's.

    • so my conclusion is yahoo ranking sucks...

    • one thing to consider here is that this is an h2h League. which makes that trade awfuL. if it's roto, then its justifiabLe.

      in h2h, u can afford to Lose the ft% category and win in most categories with d howard as opposed to having battier.

    • I would be suspect of cullusion with a trade that bad.

    • Lets see... Battier is better in 4 of 9 categories. He also poison's you in none. I would never own Howard in a league ever because he kills you so much in FT%.

      I wouldn't veto it and I would rather have Battier.

    • i'm guessing you want D.Ho. C'mon, use some rational thinking. Anyone in any league would veto that trade. Superman for whom?

    • Damn, U dudes still pluggin away on this thread. This is good sports talk.
      (FYI) Im in 2 leagues. Im 3rd with Battier in one league. & 1st with Doc Howard in the other.
      Voting is fair. That's the best way to do it. I'm still waiting for u to post the official vote results!

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