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  • BrentH BrentH Mar 9, 2008 6:31 PM Flag

    team help..asap!!!!

    Allen Iverson
    Hedo Turkoglu
    Peja Stojakovic
    Kenyon Martin
    Mehmet Okur
    Paul Millsap
    Grant Hill
    Tayshaun Prince
    Mike Bibby
    Erick Dampier
    Udonis Haslem
    Tim Thomas

    thats my team and iam in 5th place.. wat can i do?? any trades or ideas please help!!!!

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    • Brent...

      Hedo Turkoglu
      Peja Stojakovic
      Tayshaun Prince
      Kenyon Martin

      ...are available...they're not your kind of consistency...

      Players to target:
      Emeka Okafor...get him now! Playoff run
      Richard Jefferson...unheralded top production...top of the heap
      Al Jefferson...again unheralded top production...again top of the heap
      Gerald Wallace...minutes risk for the playoffs, but you are desperate...he'll be there though
      Raja Bell...Phoenix is it this time of year
      Rashard Lewis...tough to get, but with the right package, maybe you can get him...
      Kirk Hinrich...a REAL roster boost. He'll finish through the roof this year
      Andres Nocioni...a real hidden gem this year...he's going to finish the regular season like lightning this year...
      Rafer Alston...sweet purity...another blazing finish
      Andre Miller....again sweet purity...
      Andrew Bogut...hidden production...and how! Great consitency...

      Tim Thomas and Dampier are expendable...dump your expendable players and look for fresh help on the waiver wire. Find the hot ones, right now...3s with a percentage can be great additions...stay fresh with these two spots...the schedule is going to mess up 3 shooter, Matt Carroll...Charlotte has 3 days off counting today and then play 4 in 6. Carroll is the ultimate rhythm shooter, but his performance of this past week is what you are looking for here...

      Take a look at Krstic and Kleiza if you can't do it better...watch for Pavlovic return...see if he gets hot...Bostjan Nachbar should finish strong...Is Andrew Bynum available? If so, add him if you can get on solid ground in the playoff run...

      Good Luck,

    • peja and bibby for michael REDD!!!

    • Looks like Okur is ur only solid center, so I'd say try a 2 for 2 deal where u get a good center w/ solid rebounds and scoring. If you can't you can shuffle in diff guys who are playing well when they have games. I mean honestly ur teams not GREAT, but if you add n drop well n maybe make one good trade for a good center or some1 n get rid of a player with bad %s you can make a run.

    • You could trade Hedo/Peja and another player for a PF/C.It will help your FG%...looks like you could use some boards too

    • im bad on %s and turnovers

    • what areas are your weakest and strongest? Base your trades or free agent pick ups on that.


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