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  • AriesRam AriesRam Feb 5, 2008 5:01 PM Flag

    Team Advice

    Of all the teams I have, this is by far the worst...11th place. 12 teams, h2h, standard cats.

    Anthony Carter
    Mo Evans (just added - dropped Delfino)
    Camby +
    KG +
    Harris +
    Andre Miller

    Ok, I need some serious help. Been trying to move this team without gutting it but I may not have a choice.


    Joe Smith
    Ivey (temporary)

    Any suggestions or trade advice?

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    • All that I see to do is Murphy over Collison and it looks like Collison may get a few starts this week.

    • Actually, you actually have an average roster and I'm very surprise that you're in 11th place out of 12th.

      Are you sure that you're setting up your lineup daily and getting the max games per week (per match). Not to state the obvious, but remember that bench players (BN) are not added to your total score for the day....

      PG - Billups, A.Miller, A.Carter
      SG - Hedo, Childress, Evans
      SF - Jamison, Hedo, Childress, Evans, K.Garnett
      PF - Jamison, Garnett, Gooden, Collison
      C - Bogut, Camby, Collison

      (C) 3pts - H.Turkoglu, Billups, Jamison, M.Evans, Dev.Harris
      (C-) Points - Jamison, Hedo, Garnett, Billups, A.Miller
      (A) Rebound - Camby, Jamison, Garnett, Bogut, Collison
      (B-) Assists - Billups, A.Miller, A.Carter, Dev.Harris, H.Turkoglu
      (B) Steals - Carter, Billups, Harris, Garnett, A.Miller
      (A-) Blocks - Camby, Bogut, Garnett, Collison, Gooden

      Your weakest Categories are Points & 3pts
      Your strongest Categories are Rebounds & Blocks

      Your weakest Players are: M.Evans, A.Carter, Dev.Harris & N.Collison

      Post me the Head-to-Head Stats for your team and also the Head-to-Head stats of you opponent this week and next week.....

      If you can also post the lineup of you opponent this week and is the team active (setting his lineup daily & doing daily transaction -streaming)...

    • rade KG when he comes back for 3 good players or Harris for 2 goood or both for 4!!!
      and Joe smith i think u should add him he was playing very good last night idj
      k bout Nazr now that Okafor is back..
      trade Anthony Carter and Collison with Childress and a get at least 2 consitent players or even 1 superstar

    • Start some trads.


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