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    I follow basketball like it's my job. Need help with a trade? ASK ME. Need help with your team? ASK ME. Want my opinion on something? ASK ME. Need free agent help? ASK ME. Want me to rate your team? YOU GET THE POINT.

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    • I want to get Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Jason Richardson, and Rasheed Wallace in one trade. What should I offer with this team. I want to try and keep Kobe.
      PG Ty Lawson (Den - PG,SG)
      SG Kobe Bryant (LAL - SG)
      G Trevor Ariza (Hou - SG,SF)
      G Aaron Brooks (Hou - PG)
      SF Quentin Richardson (Mia - SG,SF)
      PF Amar'e Stoudemire (Pho - PF,C)
      F Kevin Garnett (Bos - PF)
      F Matt Barnes (Orl - SG,SF)
      C Andris Biedrins (GS - C)
      Util Danilo Gallinari (NY - SF)
      Util Marc Gasol (Mem - C)
      Util J.R. Smith (Den - SG,SF)
      Util Martell Webster (Por - SG,SF)
      BN Anthony Randolph (GS - PF)
      BN Devin Harris (NJ - PG) INJ
      BN Pau Gasol (LAL - PF,C) INJ
      BN Ryan Gomes (Min - SF,PF)

    • am in an 8 team H2H league. I desperately need rebounds, blocks, steals. I do well in the other categories. Who would you package for a guy(s) who get those categories. I know the boards will go up when gasol and jamison are back. But I seem to have plenty of guards.

      Russell Westbrook
      Brandon Roy
      Andre Miller
      Hedo Turkoglu
      Al Harrington
      Jason Thompson
      Andris Biedrins
      Andray Blatche
      Jason Kidd
      Aaron Brooks
      Jason Richardson
      Stephen Jackson
      Steve Nash

      Pau Gasol
      Antawn Jamison

    • What player should I target? And who should I offer for them?


    • i am in a roto 10 team roto league and i need help on blocks and 3's. Should I pick up frye or Kelenna?

    • can i ask you to check out subject:
      "could use team advice. thanks in adv"

      i need some expert opinion if you have a chance

    • my roster is
      1. (1) LeBron James
      2. (24) Brook Lopez
      3. (25) Shawn Marion
      4. (48) Derrick Rose
      5. (49) O.J. Mayo
      6. (72) Marc Gasol
      7. (73) Greg Oden
      8. (96) Aaron Brooks
      9. (97) Andre Miller
      10. (120) Josh Howard
      11. (121) Tyreke Evans
      12. (144) Anderson Varejao
      13. (145) Azubuike

      i know i am lacking in fg%, 3pm, ft%, ast, and turnovers. but i automatically lose if i lack all three of those.. im in a 12-team league. heads up. 9 categories of (fg%, 3pt made, ft%, ast, steals, rebounds, blocks, turnovers, and points).

      what should i do and who should i trade?

      rose & someone for a better pg? maybe rose & marc gasol for rondo and someone?

      please help =]

    • Ok everyone wants arenas or carmelo... I am in need of a C... who should should I ask for? or stay put?

      Here is my team..

      PG Chris Paul
      SG Caron Butler
      G Gilbert Arenas
      G O.J. Mayo
      SF Carmelo Anthony
      PF Tim Duncan
      F Blake Griffin
      F Lamar Odom
      C Andrew Bogut
      C Shaquille O'Neal
      Util Ron Artest
      Util Jamal Crawford
      BN Tayshaun Prince
      BN Kenyon Martin
      BN Shane Battier
      BN Kelenna Azubuike
      BN Andray Blatche

      Here is one of the teams...

      PG Raymond Felton
      SG Stephen Jackson
      G Larry Hughes
      G Deron Williams
      SF Travis Outlaw
      PF Channing Frye
      F Marcus Camby
      F Hakim Warrick
      C Tyson Chandler
      C Chris Kaman
      Util Raja Bell
      Util Beno Udrih
      BN Chris Duhon
      BN Andris Biedrins
      BN Pau Gasol
      BN Rashard Lewis
      BN Devin Brown

      Another team..

      PG Rajon Rondo
      SG Courtney Lee
      G Russell Westbrook
      G Andre Miller
      SF Corey Brewer
      PF Gerald Wallace
      F Marreese Speights
      F Al Jefferson
      C Amar'e Stoudemire
      C Jermaine O'Neal
      Util Josh Smith
      Util T.J. Ford
      BN Anthony Randolph
      BN Andrew Bynum
      BN Chris Douglas-Roberts
      BN Mo Williams
      BN Tracy McGrady

    • does my team need fixing? if it does help me out

      Russell Westbrook
      (OKC - PG)
      Jason Terry
      (Dal - PG,SG)
      Marvin Williams
      (Atl - SF,PF)
      LaMarcus Aldridge
      (Por - PF,C)
      Amar'e Stoudemire
      (Pho - PF,C)
      Danilo Gallinari
      (NY - SF)
      Tyreke Evans
      (Sac - PG,SG)
      Hedo Turkoglu
      (Tor - SG,SF)
      Ben Gordon
      (Det - SG)
      Jamal Crawford
      (Atl - PG,SG)
      Ray Allen
      (Bos - SG)
      Devin Harris
      (NJ - PG)

    • offered Galinari for Randolph, which I do not want to take. I thought about countering to get Ariza for Randolph. Should I? is it too early to give up on Randolph?

      8 team, 8 standard cat, h2h with 15 spot rosters. I got randolph in 9th round, so didnt jump to high on him originally. I am defending league champ, but struggling at 6-10 so far.

    • Keeper league roto (keep 11 next year)
      I'm agonizing over this trade offer!!!
      I get Paul Millsap and Dejuan Blair for Tyreke Evans
      If it's for the now... I probably keep Evans but since its pretty much a dynasty league....this might be a good deal for me in the future. I have the depth to wait on Millsap and Blair
      what do you think?

      this is my team

      PG Rondo
      SG Deng
      G Calderon
      SF Diaw
      PF Bargnani
      F Odom
      C Bogut
      C Okafor
      Util Brooks
      Util Tyreke Evans
      BN Perkins
      BN Mike Miller
      BN Chuck Hayes
      BN JJ Reddick

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