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  • Andrew Andrew Jan 13, 2008 8:06 PM Flag

    Trade Help

    Caron Butler and Ilgauskas his players for

    Kevin Durant and marion???? my players

    is it worth it or not its in roto league

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    • Oh, and just a late insight, if you follow the first path, you'd get Nash plus Arenas, and this isn't necessary. As soon as Gilbert gets back on the floor you can trade one of them, and then you must try a good Center. You really need it.

    • Well, now I can tell you this trade is even worse for you. If you accept it, you'll have 2 players from the Cavs (Z and Gooden) and 2 from the Wizards (Butler and Arenas). Trust me, this is not too good. Maybe you can accept one of them, not both.

      Like I said before, I don't think Z is worthed, but I see your team have a big lack of Centers. My opinion, you have 2 different ways to follow:

      1 - Trade Marion and Durant, but you try Nash instead of Z. It makes the trade more fair to me, because you are giving up the 2nd best player in the league and a good player as Durant for a excellent player (Nash) and a very good player (Butler). Also, you trade a Suns player for another. You can also try Manu for Butler, that would work for you too. If he doesn't accept it, you can improve the "Durant spot" a little bit.

      2 - Forget about the trade with this guy and try another one. You can try someone who has a more effective C. It would be great for your team. And then you can try Marion for Yao or Amare plus a good player.

      Now remember, that's my opinion, other users might disagree with that. And at the end of the day this is your call. Good luck.

    • you have a decent team and i presume the reason for you not doing well is because of your mediocre centers. gerald wallace will do most of the things marion does - so i think there's no reason why you should keep him when you can obviously get a great center in return. however, this guy does not have what you need - his best center rasheed wallace is inconsistent and does not have good ft%. i would look for another team that can give you in exchange either gasol, stoudamire, or kaman. you would even be able to ask for more in return by giving up an average player like durant, for whom you can get back someone like turkoglu, allen, etc. but do not trade with this guy, it does nothing for you. thats my opinion though obviously.

    • Marion has been horrible lately but I still wouldnt do that trade. Try to get someone else instead of Illgauskus. You would need to get back someone like Al Jefferson with Butler for that trade.

    • the only reason is because i need som ft% and i am in 7th in league???

    • You are insane if you do it. Z is a good player but is not too effective since Varejão got back on the floor. And honestly, get rid of Marion is not worthed. Never. Besides, as soon as Arenas gets back Butler's production will take a hit too.

    • i'd consider it doing it only if: 1)i'm pretty much set in blocks 2) if i'm in desparate need of a center. otherwise it doesn't make much sense (almost equal number of steals, fg%). the other guy must be thinking that butler's game may go down as the season progresses.


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