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  • David David Dec 28, 2007 11:29 PM Flag

    Big Yao Trade

    Yao and Andre Miller


    Rudy Gay and Billups

    I have Andre Iguadala so Miller isnt that great to have and I am stacked at bigs and could use a SG SF, I have Bosh Howard Nazr Horford AK47 and Lewis so I dont need Yao really

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    • No! No! No! I've said it many times, solid Centers are always hard to come by - with them being drafted so quickly and injuries playing a major part.

      Yao and Howard are the top 2 Centers in the league, and unless you're getting a top player in return I wouldn't even consider move him. Andrew Miller has been playing very solid so don't think Iguadala effects that.

      When you say you're stacked, yes Bosh and Howard are animals ..... but Naz shouldn't be in the CBA nevermind NBA ... Horford started great but is hit or miss .... AK47 went off when Boozer and Okur were out of the lineup, and is a solid player it's just the waiting game because theres so much offense running through D.Williams and Boozer.

      If you want to trade Yao - do it for something worth doing. Don't get me wrong I'm the biggest UCONN fan around - and Rudy is amazing - but him and Billups for Yao I wouldn't even do that .... nevermind moving Miller.

      Try and grab a top 3 Point/SG for Yao.

    • I say the rudy gay side....i've never been a fan of Miller and Yao is made of tissue paper

    • i think you should go for it. Yao'll miss a lot of games cause he always gets injured, like now. you have d.w. so you dont really need yao anymore. plus you'll get billups. expect him to play big for his team cause he needs to.

    • Why don't you trade Dwight for a top 5 value player instead? You have Dwight and Yao, who are arguably the number 1 and 2 Centers in the league. Despite Dwight's explosiveness, Yao is steady and contributes positively across the board.


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