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  • tennessee163 tennessee163 Dec 28, 2007 7:27 PM Flag

    The king of fantasy is here

    ask me any question. i follow basketball very closely

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    • I need stats so im willing to trade Josh Howard. Are these good offers

      Josh Howard & Garcia for Josh Smith

      Josh Howard for Gerald Wallace

    • I;m getting kill on rebounds should I trade Nash for a big time rebounder. I also have Jamaal Tinsley and Terry??? I"M 7and 3 on both 3pts made and assists.

    • I'm considering trading David Lee and Marvin Williams for David West. Would this be to my benefit or detriment? Thanks for the help!

    • im dominating my league right now but im tired of marion and his up one night down another style,i could use some help at 3's and dimes...what should i do or who should i go after?

    • kobe and nelson for paul pierce and wade

    • I give: Rashard Lewis
      I receive: Pau Gasol

      My squad includes: Carlos Boozer, Steve Nash, Brandon Roy, Allen Iverson, Al Jefferson, Tyson Chandler, Richard Jefferson, Grant Hill

      Bench: Anderson Varejao, James Jones, Antonio Daniels, Yi Jianlian, Ronnie Brewer

      Should i do it??? Thanks in advance!!! :-)

    • a guy with the following SGs and SF asked me for a 2-for-1 trade. i'd be giving up brandon roy, and he'd be giving me any of the following two:

      Loul Deng
      Corey Maggette
      Steven Jackson
      Ron Artest
      Jason Richardson
      Richard Hamilton

      I'm looking for someone who will give me rebounds with at least a 45% shooting percentages. there were obvious choices in this trade, however, trading away Roy would mean i'd be down to only two PGs, and I know my assists would take a hit, given that Kobe and Vince are my two SGs (not really known for their assists)

    • Marion/Iguodala for Camby/Nash. I would be getting Camby/Nash.

    • I am thinking of offering Bynum,Terry and Maggette for J.Howard and Hedo. I have Lebron, D.Howard,D.Williams,J.Richardson,M.Williams,Yi, Nene,R.Brewer,Rafor,Bogut,Nazr,Aldridge,

    • 8 team h2h, roster changes only on mondays, 6 teams make playoffs, currently in third (20-19-1) DQ's count in my league (i.e. throw away shaq and bogut):

      heres my team:

      PG: Jamaal Tinsley
      SG: Josh Howard
      G: Grant Hill
      SF: Lebron James
      PF: Al Harrington
      F: Richard Jefferson
      C: Dwight Howard
      UTIL: Andre Miller
      UTIL: Tyson Chandler
      BEN: Gilbert Arenas (+)
      BEN: Elton Brand (+)
      BEN: Nazr Muhammed

      i got this team by trading away deron williams, chris bosh and carmelo anthony for dwight howard, richard jefferson and gilbert arenas (after his injury), then dropping shaq who i drafting to pick up brand figuring i could make the playoffs even with the two gimps on the bench.

      im not sure how to make my team stronger, ive been trying to pick up bynum, delambert, and david west but most of the people in my league refuse to trade even though their teams arent working (office league).

      here are some of the better free agents availible: nene hilario, kyle lowry, marko jaric, beno udrih, mike bibby (still injured obviously), kenyon martin, john salmons (salmons and udrihs value depends alot on bibby i guess), rajon rondo, richard hamilton, raja bell, udonis haslem, anthony parker, marvin williams, rashard mccants, travis outlaw and antonio daniels (dependent alot on arenas). i think thats a list the best pick up options.

      league id: CMES

      i figure trying to trade away two out of hill, tinsley and miller and chandler/muhammed/harrington for one solid gaurd (michael redd calibur maybe) would be a good idea but nobody will trade (since i can only change rosters once a week having most talent than playable spots is kinda useless).

      any advice on how to improve my team would be appriciated!!!

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