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  • Jason Jason Dec 23, 2007 2:24 AM Flag

    Ask Jason

    So, yeah, I'm an NBA junkie, checking out espn.go.com and nba.com more than I check my email. So, just ask your questions here, and I'll try my best to answer them to the best of my abilities. Fire away.

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    • 12 team head-to-head

      In talk with a possible trade involving one or a combination of Dwight Howard, Melo, KG, Josh Howard - who can I most likely get with the players I'm willing to give away below? and in what combination? thank you very very much!

      On the trading block:
      David West
      Monta Ellis
      TJ Ford
      Marc Gasol

    • I got the #3 Waiver, I'm moderately in need for 3's, FT%, and scoring. I already have Mike Dunleavy injured. I'm #2 in my league in roto scoring. Could I afford to pick up Arenas? I would like to scoop him up as a FA and not dedicate my #3 wavier for him. The other 2 owners ahead of me don't play so I'm assured of getting Arenas, barring their unexpected return.

      I would be dropping Chris Quinn to pick up Arenas. I'm thinking I should ride Rasho's hot streak for as long as he can go or trade him. If I can't trade his ass, then pick up some player who can net me some 3ptm's and scoring when he cools off. I need more 3ptm's and scoring to have a chance at the #1 spot. HELP ME PLEASE

      My team:

      PG Dwyane Wade
      SG Danny Granger
      G Andre Iguodala
      SF Mike Miller
      PF David West
      F Jermaine O'Neal
      C Amare Stoudemire
      C Chris Kaman
      Util Nate Robinson
      Util Beno Udrih
      BN Chris Quinn
      BN Rasho Nesterovic
      BN Mike Dunleavy

    • please rate my team


      Devin Harris
      Ray Allen
      Russell Westbrook
      Stephen Jaskson
      Andres Nocioni
      Al Thorton
      Ben Wallace
      Pau Gasol
      Carlos Boozer
      Deron Williams
      Cuttino Mobley
      Marc Gasol
      Jason Terry


      Devin Harris
      Ray Allen
      Luke Ridnour
      Richard Hamilton
      Andres Nocioni
      Udonis Haslem
      Al Thorton
      Boris Diaw
      Joel Przybilla
      Leandro Barbosa
      Al Horford
      Vince Carter
      Delonte West

      please rate my team.. and who tell me what does each team lacks or needs? thanks

    • Drew Gooden and Tayshaun Prince for Josh Howard? My team is:

      Rajon Rondo
      Ramon Sessions
      Baron Davis
      Tracy McGrady
      Caron Butler
      Antawn Jamison
      Richard Jefferson
      Gerald Wallace
      Andrew Bynum
      Brad Miller

      Tayshaun Prince
      Drew Gooden
      Marc Gasol
      Manu Ginobli

      Any advice about the trade, and my team would be helpful...I am also wondering who to start between Miller and Gasol.



    • What to do?

      12 team h2h league

      PG Allen Iverson (Den - PG,SG)
      SG Dwyane Wade (Mia - PG,SG)
      G Jason Richardson (Cha - SG,SF)
      SF Carmelo Anthony (Den - SF)
      PF Yi Jianlian (NJ - PF)
      F Corey Maggette (GS - SG,SF)
      C Nene Hilario (Den - PF,C)
      C Shaquille O'Neal (Pho - C)
      Util Richard Jefferson (Mil - SF)
      Util Devin Harris (NJ - PG)
      BN Brook Lopez (NJ - PF,C)
      BN Kenyon Martin (Den - PF)
      BN Manu Ginobili (SA - SG) INJ

      What are my weaknesses?

    • 1. 12 teams

      2. Rotisserie

      3. Chris Duhon-O.J. Mayo-Mike Miller-Al Thornton-Josh Smith-Emeka Okafor-Dwight Howard-Correy Maggette-Thaddeus Young-Derrick Rose-Dwyane Wade-Travis Outlaw-Tyrus Thomas

      in my league some one dropped oden and my question is should I take him as a waiver player.
      I was thinking on trading Chris duhons place for him what's your opinion?

    • My team:
      PG Chauncey Billups (Det - PG)
      SG Joe Johnson (Atl - PG,SG)
      G Rafer Alston (Hou - PG)
      SF Hedo Turkoglu (Orl - SG,SF)
      PF Boris Diaw (Pho - PF,C)
      F Mehmet Okur (Uta - PF,C)
      C Carlos Boozer (Uta - PF,C)
      C Nazr Mohammed (Cha - C)
      Util Rajon Rondo (Bos - PG,SG)
      Util Kurt Thomas (Sea - PF,C)
      BN Amare Stoudemire (Pho - C)
      BN Luol Deng (Chi - SG,SF)
      BN Jameer Nelson (Orl - PG)

      Is ther any trades i need to do?

    • Should I trade deron williams and andrea kirilenko (assuming he is healthy) for lebron?

    • hey i want to pick up foye but i don't want to pick him up until there is a for sure date that he will be playing and i would drop louis william for him? should i do it and when would u pick him up?

      • 1 Reply to michael f
      • there's no return date on him yet, so i'd hang on to lou williams for now. when he gets back, you should pick him up, and if he isn't back to game speed, you can just resign lou williams. the beauty with williams is he isn't really picked in leagues, so you can risk testing out foye. you should check every once in a while for foye's status, but for now, no return date yet.

    • I give:
      Brandon Roy
      Tayshaun Prince
      Kenyon Martin
      Nazr Mohammed

      I receive:
      Josh Howard
      Udonis Haslem

      My squad includes: Carlos Boozer, Steve Nash, Allen Iverson, Al Jefferson, Tyson Chandler, Richard Jefferson, Rashard Lewis, Grant Hill

      Bench: Anderson Varejao, James Jones, Antonio Daniels, Yi Jianlian, Ronnie Brewer

      Should i do it??? Thanks in advance!!! :-)

      • 1 Reply to Gil B
      • i don't see why you're even considering this. who do you get to pick up from the waiver wire, since you're giving away more players than you're losing? trading brandon roy and nazr for howard and haslem might be considerable, but plus tay and kmart? nevermind. roy is just too good at the moment.

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